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Alberta Tourism Information Service


The Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) is the provincial platform for digital tourism information on Alberta. As a self-service platform, Alberta Tourism Operators can promote their businesses via a number of online and offline marketing channels, including www.travelalberta.com.


Since it’s creation in 2011 the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) has been connecting tourism partners to consumers through the Travel Deals Program.

On average 275,000 consumers visit www.travelalberta.com per month. By connecting with ATIS partners can position their Travel Deals or Festival and Events on travelalberta.com.

The ATIS provides many benefits to both the travel industry and consumers. The ATIS enables the tourism industry to leverage Travel Alberta’s marketing efforts to promote their products throughout a number of online and offline marketing channels, free of charge.

Consumers' benefit from the proliferation of quality Alberta tourism operator content displayed on destination websites such as www.travelalberta.com, Travel Alberta email campaigns and more.

Tourism Operator Benefits

In today's world getting your product online is an essential part of running a successful tourism business.

Consumers around the world go online to find and research holiday destinations and to plan and book their travel. They use many different sources to achieve this ranging from travel reviews, online booking tools, travel planning websites and destination marketing websites. Therefore it is important for a tourism business to be in as many online places as possible in order to be in front of as many consumers as possible.

The Alberta Tourism Information Service provides Alberta Tourism Operators a number of benefits including:
  • Improved exposure for Alberta tourism operators to millions of potential Alberta travellers
  • Leverage the millions of dollars spent annually by Travel Alberta to promote Alberta as a tourism destination
  • A single location where tourism operators can manage their business and product information
  • As a self-service system, Tourism operators have full control over the information that is displayed about their businesses

Get Started

Having a listing on the ATIS is an excellent way to promote your business to millions of Alberta travellers. It’s quick and easy to get a listing, click here get started.