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While much of Europe struggles with a debt crisis, Germany has experienced an economic resurgence, prompting a renewed interest in long haul travel. This presents Alberta with a great opportunity to capitalize on heightened demand. We anticipate an increase in flight capacity to Alberta from Frankfurt to Calgary routes and/or new service from Munich to Alberta. Germans are highly engaged consumers with a strong desire to see the world and they spend considerable time and income travelling.

Alberta offers German travellers many of their vacation preferences, such as aboriginal culture and historical attractions, and they perceive Canada as having incomparable outdoor activities. Threats in this market include the perception that Canada is a relatively expensive destination and that airfares into the U.S. are much cheaper than direct flights into Canada. Awareness of the unique and diverse experiences offered by Alberta is low in this market and thus continues to present new opportunities.


Travel Alberta will leverage our partnerships with the CTC and Tourism British Columbia through the Canada’s West alliance, leading with Canadian Rockies messaging and a focus on Alberta’s signature experiences. Consumer initiatives will be accomplished in tandem with tour operators as most travelers from Germany prefer to book through this channel.

Our online efforts will continue to develop an interactive and educational platform to enhance agent training and awareness of our destination. Public relations and media efforts will focus on broadcast opportunities, media campaigns and social media channels to showcase Alberta’s authentic experiences, provide a call to action and encourage user generated content and advocacy. MC&IT will work closely with the CTC to drive awareness of Alberta as a viable destination for business.