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At Travel Alberta, our success is measured by yours. To help promote your Alberta adventure, we’ve put together the following Programs to boost your marketing initiatives.

Co-Operative Marketing Program

Through a collaborative process between Travel Alberta, the Strategic Tourism Marketing Council (STMC) and the 6 Tourism Destination Regions (TDRs), a new and improved Province-wide co-operative marketing program is being implemented, effective April 1, 2012 that will feature easier access to more funding to support industry marketing programs.

Canada Marketing Buy-In Opportunities

Travel Alberta has put together a number of marketing opportunities that will allow you to inspire travellers like never before. See how you can participate in our magazines, newspaper advertorials, Holiday Offer Program, online ads and so much more. All programs are leveraged by Travel Alberta therefore they are not eligible for additional co-op marketing funding support.

Click here for the Travel Alberta Partnership Planner

Visitor Information Centres

There are ten Travel Alberta Visitor Information Centres (VIC) located at key border entry points to the province and over one hundred community and regional VICs located across the province. If you operate a community or regional VIC there are programs, services and other resource tools available to assist you. If you are a tourism industry member, don’t miss the opportunity to have your brochure/publication on hand at one of these VICs. Click here for more information.