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Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS)

A Free Marketing Tool to Help You Grow Your Business
The Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) is the provincial platform for digital tourism information on Alberta. It is the amalgamation of Tourism, Parks & Recreation Tourism Information System (TIS) and Travel Alberta’s Holiday Card program. As a self-service platform, Alberta Tourism Operators can promote their businesses via a number of online and offline marketing channels, including www.travelalberta.com, free of charge.
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Signing up Only Takes a Couple Minutes
Adding your business information to the Alberta Tourism Information Service only takes a couple minutes and means you will have up to 375,000 people per month viewing information about your business on a number of marketing channels including the new travelalberta.com. This level of exposure would typically cost as much as $15,000 / month if you had to pay for the same quality of online advertising.

You are Always In Control
At any time you can log in to the Alberta Tourism Information Service located on the Travel Alberta industry website to change your business information, add Travel Offers, Events & Festivals, News Releases, Job Postings and Industry Events.

It’s Free!
There is no cost to add your businesses information to the Alberta Tourism Information Service. This is a complimentary service provided by Travel Alberta and Tourism Parks & Recreation to help Alberta Tourism Operators grow their business.

More Information

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