Travel Alberta


In accordance with legislation administered by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Travel Alberta is committed to presenting the routine public disclosure of information to enhance public confidence by improving accountability and transparency.

Board Salary Disclosure

Name Position Year Compensation*
Bowen-Smed, Shannon Board Member 2015 $1318.00
Brookman, George Board Member 2015 $3427.00
Dodic, Rajko Board Member 2015 $7008.00
Edwards, Tracy Board Member 2015 $4664.00
Glover, Steven Board Member 2015 $4343.00
Gomez, Francisco Board Member 2015 $3108.00
Kollman, Bernadette Board Member 2015 $6091.50
LeLacheur, Rick Board Chair 2015 $24,626.00
Oszli, Donald Board Member 2015 $5882.00
Wilson, Stewart Board Member 2015 $15,182.00

*Compensation – Board Members are volunteers that are appointed by Order in Council and do not receive a regular salary.  Board Members receive honoraria payment for attending meetings and events as well as expenses associated with travel.

2015 Salary Disclosure (.csv)

Executive Salary Disclosure

Name Position Year Compensation* Other* Severence*
Chwin, Royce Chief Executive Officer 2015 $240,946.37 $35,731.67 $0.00
Grollmuss, Shelley Vice President, Industry Development 2015 $174,654.90 $26,066.60 $0.00
Klassen, Phillip Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing 2015 $168,269.62 $26,805.15 $0.00
McLean, Max Wynn Vice President, Community Relations 2015 $132,549.03 $22,442.44 $0.00
Soyka, Karen Vice President, Business Development 2015 $154,958.36 $25,998.49 $0.00

*Compensation – Includes regular salary and percentage in lieu of benefits.

*Other – Includes employer portion of Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance.

*Severance – Includes payments required by contract when employment ends.