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Tourism works for Alberta, supporting 19,000 businesses and 127,000 jobs across the province. It's a $8.3 billion industry employing a diverse range of jobs and professions, from hospitality staff to marketers, historical interpreters to financial analysts.

To view job postings available at Travel Alberta, go to Travel Alberta Opportunities. To view job postings open throughout the province, visit All Industry Opportunities.

To submit a job, please email the details, including closing date, to

Please note that information in Working with Travel Alberta and Travel Alberta Selection Process is specific to Travel Alberta only and does not represent organizations who post on the All Opportunities page.

  • All Opportunities
    All Industry Opportunities

    The postings in this section are presented to you by organizations throughout the tourism industry.

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  • Travel Alberta Opportunities
    Travel Alberta Opportunities

    The postings in this section are presented to you by the Travel Alberta corporation.

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  • Working at Travel Alberta
    Working at Travel Alberta

    What Team Members can expect while working at Travel Alberta.

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  • Travel Alberta Selection Process
    Travel Alberta Selection Process

    A selection process structured so Travel Alberta and you can make an informed choice.

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