Travel Alberta



Australia has weathered the global economic crisis better than most, and the country is in relatively good shape with low unemployment and contained inflation.

According to the Canadian Tourism Commission's (CTC) 2012 Global Tourism Watch (GTW), the Australian dollar is predicted to fall against the Canadian dollar, taking it below par for the first time in several years. This poses challenges for the long-haul market in the short term; however, the economy is expected to rebound in 2014.

Canada is attractive to Australian long-haul pleasure travellers, and most of Canada’s product strengths work in Alberta’s favour. Current travel trends for Australians include summer cruise, rail and Canadian Rockies all-inclusive packages.

One of every two Australians plans to take a long-haul trip in the next two years. And according to GTW, 2.4 million Australian travellers are interested in visiting Canada. These are both solid reasons for Alberta to defend and grow marketing investments in this region. Alberta’s Rocky Mountains are in high demand for the Australian visitor.

There are no direct flights from Australia to Alberta; however, overall air access is not lost, with connecting flights via Vancouver and Los Angeles. Codeshare arrangements provide competitive pricing, and airfares to Canada via the U.S. are significantly lower than those direct to Canada.

Two-nation vacations are very popular for Australians taking a long-haul trip. They are keen to make the most of their time and money and often book U.S./Canada combined products and itineraries. This type of two-nation packaging is common practice for competing European destinations.

Awareness of Alberta as a travel destination is still low and Travel Alberta will continue to leverage our partnership with the CTC to reach our targeted customers. We will also continue to partner with Destination British Columbia on a Canada’s West approach. Many Australians will visit both B.C. and Alberta on a trip to western Canada.

Key Activities

  • Invest in year-round consumer campaign and CTC consumer campaign
  • Build relationships with travel trade professionals through joint marketing agreements, marketplaces FAM trips, learning opportunities and innovative events
  • Work with top media influencers from Australia through media and social media activities to share Alberta’s tourism story

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of Alberta experiences through travel trade partnerships
  • Additional export-ready products supported by receptive tour operators through key accounts
  • Positive media coverage for Alberta from targeted media outlets
  • Growth and increased engagement in social media communities
  • Awareness of a two-nation vacation with itineraries/products combined with offers from the U.S.