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Calgary’s tourism industry #1 for visitor spending growth

For the second consecutive year Calgary is leading the nations’ major metropolitan centres for visitor spending growth.


Calgary also shares the top spot with Edmonton for overnight visitor growth in 2012.  


Calgary’s tourism industry is enjoying a remarkable 2012, and Tourism Calgary has released their 2013-2015 Strategic Plan to capitalize on the momentum.


Calgary’s visitor economy continued to grow in 2012 with more than 5.2 million visitors spending $1.4 billion in our attractions, restaurants, hotels and shops and at our festivals, concerts and performances.


Calgary tourism industry performance indicators:
-For the second straight year Calgary is leading the nations' major metropolitan centres for visitor spending growth and sharing the lead in visitation grwoth - according to The Conference Board of Canada's Travel Market Outlook, Autumn 2012.
-Hotel occupancy has grown for 21 consecutive months with overall occupancy up 4 percentage points and weekend occupancy up 3.8 percentage points.
-During the first three quarters of 2012 134,515 more rooms were sold than the same time in 2011 with 60,964 of those sold on weekends.
-Calgary Stampede and Calgary Zoo set new records for attendance with more than 1.4 million visits.

Tourism Calgary performance measures:
-Tourism Calgary’s website nears 1 million visits for 2012 up from 456,000 in 2010.
-A record 52,050 room nights were generated for 2012 and future years from 40 sport and cultural events.
-Tourism Calgary’s new tourism brand for Calgary is still in its infancy and gaining support and partnership with a growing number of the city’s other promotional agencies.
-Tourism Calgary and partners generated more than $5.15 million of media value in unpaid destination awareness.
-Tourism Calgary and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra were awarded the Alberta Tourism Award for Marketing Partnership – the third consecutive year Tourism Calgary has been recognized with this award.


For more performance measures and to view the full 2013-2015 Strategic Plan, please visit 

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