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Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS)

The Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) is a free, self service platform where Alberta tourism operators can promote their businesses, festivals, events and travel deals to travellers through a number of online and offline marketing channels, including, our primary consumer channel. It is also the gateway to sharing your industry news, events and job postings with Alberta's tourism industry operators at

Tourism Operator Benefits

ATIS is your gateway to Your travel deals, events and festivals are integral to the content on our consumer website. When you create an account and upload your information, we use it not only to populate the website but for campaign activities, newsletter content and social media conversations, as well as offline advertising and marketing initiatives. Here are more ATIS account benefits:

  • Promote your business to millions of potential Alberta travellers – free of charge
  • Have full control over the information that is displayed about your business
  • Work with dedicated Travel Alberta team members who are here to help strengthen your business through your ATIS membership 
  • Keep in touch with Alberta's tourism industry

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    Participate in Travel Alberta’s marketing programs today! Add your listing to the current ATIS and all content will be transferred to ATIS 2.0 when it’s ready to go early 2016.

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    Travel Deals

    Tourism partners can upload packages through the Travel Deals program, a no-cost way to get connected with Travel Alberta’s marketing activities. Simply set up your business through the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS), add your travel deals, and you’re connected. Travel Deals appear on the consumer website and link directly to your site. We continue to hold front and centre our strong commitment to assist you in your marketing efforts. As part of our overall strategy, we promote experience-focused travel deals or packages throughout our seasonal campaigns through e-newsletters, newspaper ads and social media.

    Featured offers focus on compelling travel deals that provide consumers with a strong value-add and can have single or multiple components. The following are examples of these two types of offers:

    • Accommodation only one-, two- or three-night stays; four to five night stays for long-haul markets 
    • Offers that align with need periods (mid-week specials, make your own long weekend) 
    • Limited time offers (book early and save, discounts during an event time period) 
    • Offers around holidays and events
    • Free nights with minimum number of days booked (four nights for the price of three) 
    • Accommodation with activity or value-add 
    • Activities that include but are not limited to shopping or dining vouchers, special event tickets, whitewater rafting, fishing, golfing, spas, horseback riding and attractions passes
    • Value-adds may include a behind-the-scenes look at an event or attraction, in-room dining service or gift
    • Independent activities or events that offer a discount or value add (two for the price of one, or a percentage discount)
    • Travel Alberta Exclusive Offers

    Additional advertising opportunities may be available for exclusive offers available only through Travel Alberta.

    Events & Festivals

    Consumer Events: Whether big or small, we want to help promote your event or festival through our marketing and communication channels. Through ATIS, you can enter your information for consumers to find in the Alberta Events & Festivals Calendar on This is one of the most effective ways to promote your events on a page heavily used by consumers looking for event and festival listings. 

    Industry Events: These are uploaded in ATIS to populate the Industry Events page on, where they can be easily accessed by your peers. Keep them informed and up to date on networking and educational events, just as we do.

    Industry News

    Tourism related stories generated by our partners keep you informed on recent events and happenings in the tourism industry. If you have news to share, it can be uploaded to the News page when you log on to your ATIS account.


    Find qualified employees with experience in the tourism industry by uploading position postings to the Careers page on through your ATIS account.

    Still have questions? View the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we respond to via ATIS or email

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    Log in to your account and update your business information, add a business description and add travel deals to promote your product or service offering. As this is a self service system, you have full control over the information displayed.

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