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Cooperative Marketing Investment Program

What is the Cooperative Marketing Investment Program?

The Cooperative Marketing Investment Program supports the growth of Alberta’s Tourism Industry by investing in Alberta industry-led marketing initiatives to increase their marketing capacity, resulting in increased tourism revenues. Partnered marketing initiatives involve financial investment by two or more Alberta-based organizations registered in the province.

Investment by non-traditional tourism partners may be considered when there is a financial investment from a minimum of one traditional tourism operator. Marketing activities should demonstrate collaboration between the partners such as a partnered package, a single call to action, or a creative concept that unifies the partners.

Program Guidelines and Application Forms

Please review the Cooperative Marketing Investment Program's guidelines and eligible expenses to determine whether you are eligible to apply for funding. Read more...

Cooperative Marketing Contacts

The Cooperative Marketing Investment Program team would be pleased to discuss your marketing ideas, review the funding criteria, and answer any questions you may have. Read more...

  • What types of marketing initiatives qualify for investment support?

    • Festival and Events
    • Partnership Marketing (Consumer, Meetings/Conventions, Trade, Media)
    • Content Development (Photography, Video, Written Content, Website)

    In an effort to increase visitation, marketing activities must take place more than 40 kilometers outside of the partner’s home community. Cooperative marketing projects should support the goals and objectives of Travel Alberta’s business strategy. This strategy can be viewed or downloaded at

    Please see the program guidelines for further details on investment eligibility. Each application is assessed individually and an investment of up to 50% on eligible marketing expenses may be approved and reimbursed at project completion. Marketing activities not approved in the application will not be eligible for funding.

    The project manager must notify Travel Alberta of any changes to the approved marketing activities or budget in advance of the changes occurring to be considered eligible. Written approval of the change will be provided by Travel Alberta.

  • When can I apply?

    There are no set in-take dates for the Cooperative Marketing Investment Program.  Applications are accepted throughout the fiscal year based on availability of funding.  Applications must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the start date of any marketing activities.  Projects that have already commenced are not eligible.

    We recommend contacting a Cooperative Marketing Manager to discuss your project and application prior to submitting.  Send completed applications to or by fax to 403-648-1112. 

    The project manager will receive within 48 hours a notification confirming the project application has been received.  Upon review of the application, Travel Alberta will provide written confirmation of its level of investment in the project.

  • What are the program requirements?

    Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS)

    Tourism operators and businesses applying for partnership investment must actively utilize ATIS, a free marketing platform provided by Travel Alberta. This includes creating an account, completing a business listing, loading and maintaining offers, events and/or articles to increase exposure for their business. DMO campaigns should be supported with relevant experience business listings in ATIS.

    In-Partnership with Travel Alberta Logo

    Projects supported must use the Travel Alberta In-Partnership Logo and adhere to the graphic requirements set by Travel Alberta. Marketing activities taking place outside of Canada are exempt from using the In-Partnership logo. PDF proofs of marketing materials that include the In-Partnership logo should be emailed for approval to

  • Do I qualify for administration support?

    Partners and/or partnerships with an overall annual marketing budget of less than $80,000 may qualify for a 15% administration fee, based on Travel Alberta’s contribution, to a maximum of $2,000 per project. If the project manager is an investment partner, the project manager is required to invest a minimum of 50% more than what would be paid in administration fees.  
  • How does the payment process from Travel Alberta work?

    All marketing projects supported by Travel Alberta must be evaluated within 45 days of project completion. A project is considered complete when the performance measures are finalized. An evaluation form is available from Travel Alberta. If a project evaluation is not received, future projects will be ineligible for funding.

    Copies of all invoices (including supporting back-up source invoices) must be provided with the evaluation to substantiate project completion and verify the expense has occurred. If you are working with an agency, please let them know the invoice requirements prior to starting the project.

    Project managers may submit a promissory note and provide invoices, etc. to receive cooperative marketing funds in advance of project evaluation.

  • Are there any program restrictions?

    • Applicants cannot act as both the project manager (collecting partner revenue) and the service provider/vendor (marketing expense).
    • No retroactive funding is permitted for costs that have been incurred prior to the date of the approval letter. Invoices cannot pre-date the approval letter.
    • Travel Alberta will not pre-pay for goods or services. Marketing activities must have occurred prior to the submission of an invoice.
    • Capital and operating costs such as phone, office equipment, office supplies, website hosting are ineligible for investment.
    • Salaries or wages as well as management fees (retainers) charged by advertising agencies are ineligible for investment.
    • The investment into community/business tourism research projects is ineligible for investment.
    • GST/HST expenses as part of the marketing tactic cost are not eligible for investment.
    • In-Kind contributions by partners can only be leveraged for investment when provided towards media visits, travel trade, or meeting planner familiarization trips.
  • How do I measure my marketing initiatives?

    Within the application form for the Cooperative Marketing Investment Program, we ask our partners to provide marketing objectives and performance measures in order to understand how to measure a campaign’s success. The Marketing Metrics document provides awareness, consideration and conversion metrics for your marketing initiatives. Please contact your Cooperative Marketing Manager if you have any questions.