Travel Alberta

Program Guidelines and Application Forms

Our industry partners are encouraged to contact Travel Alberta at the conceptual stage of a project to discuss ideas and review the investment criteria. After discussing the project with Travel Alberta, a written application is required. Please submit completed application forms to or by fax to 403-648-1112.

Once an application is submitted, a notification will be sent to the project manager within 48 hours of receipt. Upon review of the application, Travel Alberta will provide written confirmation of its level of investment in the project. 

Application Forms

Application forms for projects seeking Travel Alberta cooperative marketing investment for marketing initiatives occurring April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017 are available for download below.

For applications with an asset development component (photography, videography, written content, website design and development), additional requirements apply. Please refer to the Asset Development Criteria below for more information.

Please submit completed application forms to or by fax to 403-648-1112.