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Alberta Tourism Brand

Since the launch of (remember to breathe) in October of 2011, we have aligned our marketing efforts to showcase Alberta’s tourism experiences through videos, imagery and storytelling, forming a solid brand foundation to build onto as we move forward. The Brand team is dedicated to assisting your business by providing suggestions, tools and tips to help you align your marketing initiatives with Travel Alberta’s brand. We are the stewards of brand-aligned images, video, graphics and text that bring the brand to life in a compelling way.

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Alberta Stories

Our Alberta Stories video initiative aims to deepen the emotional connection with our audiences by highlighting the variety and diversity of Alberta experiences and sharing them with the world. Since 2012, more than 30 Alberta Stories have been produced.These stories help answer the question, "What are the unique experiences I can have in Alberta?"

It's easier than ever to share these stories to give visitors a reason to come to Alberta, stay longer, experience more and come back again. Feel free to download or link to them on your websites, social media channels, e-newsletters and related marketing materials, or add them to your in-room programming. Download the videos from Travel Alberta's Multimedia Library. You can also embed, post or link the videos from YouTube.

Alberta Tourism Brand: Connecting With Customers

This resource illustrates the role that tourism branding plays in influencing consumers’ travel decisions. Connection points between the Canada brand, the Travel Alberta brand and the tourism experiences that you provide are presented. We illustrate opportunities and advantages to aligning your marketing communications and experience delivery with the brand.

Build Traveller Advocacy

Developing customer brand awareness and advocacy is at the heart of Travel Alberta’s activities to differentiate our destination from the rest of the world. We are committed to presenting travellers with compelling invitations and exceptional experiences in truly engaging environments. We actively participate in conversations – sparked by travellers – within our social communities. Our brand lives with our customer and we care about what the traveller has to say about Alberta. We will continue to foster advocacy using innovative marketing and social tactics to help travellers share their Alberta stories before, during and after their trip. Given the significant influence advocacy plays at all stages along the path to purchase, we are integrating authentic, user generated content (UGC) in our marketing efforts. Alberta’s unique qualities are better showcased by having the traveller become our destination spokesperson. 

We can’t deliver on our brand promise alone! Travel Alberta relies on Alberta DMOs and tourism operators to seize opportunities to leverage Alberta’s tourism brand in order to align messages across the various consumer touch points. This will help to reinforce traveller decisions as they move down the path to purchase.

Lead with Brand to Grow Markets

We continue on our brand journey to enhance and promote a provincial tourism brand to connect with travellers on an emotional level. Each of Travel Alberta’s markets sits in a different stage of our brand journey. In nearby markets, we will maintain our presence by delivering consistent brand messaging to build on the existing traveller recognition base. In order to compel the traveller to book an Alberta vacation now, we incorporate a sense of immediacy to our messaging. In overseas markets, awareness of Alberta continues to be a challenge because of a very competitive market. Alberta will get on the traveller’s consideration list by aligning with the Canada brand and applying cultural nuances to the Alberta brand.

We are committed to capturing the essence of Alberta as a tourism destination with video, still imagery and written content, and then sharing them with our tourism partners. Travel Alberta’s Multimedia Library is the primary vehicle for delivering these resources to travel trade, media and industry who help extend the reach of our brand.