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Travel Alberta 2015-2018 Business Plan
Travel Alberta 2015-2018 Marketing Plan


Download Travel Alberta’s 2016-2018 Business Plan
Download Travel Alberta’s 2016-2018 Marketing Plan

Travel Alberta’s 2022 Growth Strategy is an opportunity for industry, partners and governments to focus on increased returns from the tourism industry. Our strategic objectives will stand true from 2016 to 2022 and act as our roadmap for the next six years. 

Historically, Travel Alberta produced a three year rolling strategic plan. Moving forward, two-year Business and Marketing Plans will outline the initiatives and actions to attain these strategic objectives heading into 2022. These corporate publications will be complemented by timely marketing playbooks to provide further insight into Alberta’s approach on high-potential markets and segments for our tourism marketing partners. 

To achieve the tourism 2022 strategy, Travel Alberta will focus the majority of our global marketing resources on markets which represent the greatest potential for tourism growth. 

This 2016-18 Business Plan reflects our mandate and our role of marketing Alberta’s authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes at home and around the world over the next two years. In this process, we will support Albertans, our government, our industry and the visitor economy to compete and grow together as Team Alberta.

Marketing Plan


To inspire the world to experience Alberta.


To create economic value and prosperity with compelling invitations to explore Alberta.


Mobilize Team Alberta to drive the visitor economy to more than $10 billion by 2020 by leveraging Alberta's tourism brand in targeted markets.

Strategic Objectives

Grow Tourism Revenues
Defend core Alberta market
Drive incremental revenue from high-potential markets and segments
Strengthen Alberta’s Competitive Position
Build on the strength of Alberta’s tourism brand
Grow relevant tourism experiences
Mobilize Team Alberta
Support provincial economic development strategy
Drive Organizational Excellence
Uphold Travel Alberta’s reputation
Operate with financial transparency & accountability
Maximize operational performance
Invest in our people