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As Travel Alberta continues its shift from being a marketing agency to Alberta’s provincial destination management organization, we will approach our work holistically to ensure all aspects of the visitor economy are being considered.

To realize the outcomes and objectives outlined in our 2022-25 Business Plan, we will work with the tourism industry to address and support some key challenges and opportunities including:

Vision, strategic planning and leadership

Identify ways in which tourism can contribute to a thriving visitor economy, and provide guidance and support to partners, communities and businesses to leverage resources, increase efficiencies and maximize impact.

Business support and skills development

Provide programs and supports to partners, communities, and businesses to encourage investment and innovation in sustainable tourism development.

Data, research and intelligence

Generate and share data on market behaviours, business operating environments, resident sentiment and the value of tourism’s contribution to the visitor economy.

Economic growth and strategic partnerships

Drive strategic alignment amongst industry partners and communities to create compelling investment conditions and opportunities that result in sustainable development and visitor economy growth.

Values-based marketing

Highlight a community’s people, culture and energy to enhance the visitor experience, encourage repeat visitation and increase competitive advantage.

Community engagement

Encourage stakeholders and residents to recognize and support the value of the visitor economy from a position of influence and representation.

As a destination management organization, Travel Alberta drives the growth of the province’s visitor economy, creating and promoting must-visit destinations throughout the province. We do this by helping businesses develop memorable products and experiences, marketing those products and experiences to the world, and ensuring visitors have access to them. 


Expenditures by high-value travellers from target markets return to 2019 levels by 2024.

Key Objectives 

  1. Lead alignment efforts with key partners to ensure a competitive position in the tourism market.  
  2. Implement promotional campaigns (direct to consumer, media, and public relations) and travel trade (business to business) activities to increase consideration of Alberta as a travel destination.


Visitors have access to Albertas destinations and experiences. 

Key Objectives 

  1. Partner with airlines to increase air connectivity with U.S. and international destinations to attract high-value travellers in all seasons.  
  2. Partner with other government departments to increase transportation access and digital connectivity throughout the province. 


Alberta’s visitor economy is recovering through strengthened businesses, experiences and communities, attracting high-value travellers. 

Key Objectives 

  1. Spearhead the development of destination master plans to increase capacity in priority regions while ensuring sustainable development and growth for the future.  
  2. Implement a sustainable tourism investment strategy to stimulate product development, encouraging job creation and sustainable economic growth throughout the province.   
  3. Increase opportunity and reduce red tape for entrepreneurs and small businesses to enable sustainable development and growth.