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Travel Alberta Strategy

Showing our partners, visitors and supporters how we add value to the economic story of Alberta.

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Business Plans and Reports

These publications are designed to provide full accountability on Travel Alberta activities that support the mandate, but their greater value is in the information provided to you, the invested tourism partner, regarding trends, themes, future opportunities and the greater value proposition of tourism in Alberta.

2016-2022 Growth

Travel Alberta’s 2022 Growth Strategy is an opportunity for industry, partners and governments to focus on increased returns from the tourism industry, and our strategic objectives from 2016 to 2022 act as our measurable long-term roadmap. Two-year Business Plans through the six-year sprint outline the initiatives and actions in play to reach our objectives heading into 2022.

To achieve the tourism 2022 strategy, Travel Alberta is focusing most of our global marketing resources on markets which represent the greatest potential for tourism growth including Alberta, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Germany, the UK, Japan and China.

growth strategy 2016-2022

Tourism Works

The full impact of the visitor economy is felt when the multiplier effect of tourist spending ripples throughout our whole economy, supporting job creation, infrastructure development and community building. The visitor economy grew to $8.9 billion in 2017, representing a growth of almost five per cent year-over-year. Watch the video to see how tourism works throughout the province.