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2018 - 2019 Year in Review

Tourism is a growth industry for Alberta. This is a province of entrepreneurs and hard working Albertans who deliver outstanding experiences to our visitors from Canada and around the world. Our work directly and indirectly benefits our province, driving visitation and revenue, diversifying the economy, providing jobs, encouraging investment and enhancing quality of life for Albertans and their communities.


The visitor economy grew to $8.9 billion in 2017, representing a growth of almost five per cent year-over-year.

Alberta's tourism industry continues to set records for revenue growth and visitation. The numbers tell the story.

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Focus Area: Grow Tourism Revenues

The success of Alberta's visitor economy depends on the tourism businesses that deliver authentic experiences to visitors. Travel Alberta collaborates with destination marketing organizations, tourism businesses and communities throughout the province, supporting initiatives that align with our revenue growth strategy. 


Total qualified travellers


Total room nights

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Focus Area: Strengthen Alberta's Competitive Position

Travel Alberta develops strategies that build on our province's unique brand and international reputation. We partner with our shareholder, the Government of Alberta, to demonstrate the value of the industry and create new opportunities to grow and diversify the economy. Growing tourism experiences is crucial for sustainability and Team Alberta achieved 20% above its target for new export and market ready experiences.


New experiences

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Focus Area: Drive Organizational Excellence

We are committed to responsible fiscal management and maximizing our shareholder's return on investment. In 2018-2019, Travel Alberta invested more than 74 per cent of our current funding allocation in destination promotion.

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Tourism Works

Tourism stands out as a job creator and community builder. Industry partners are the backbone of the visitor economy and make up the economic bench strength Alberta needs to maintain sustainable growth in the future. 


Tourism jobs (EDTT 2015)


Tourism-related businesses (Stats Canada 2018)

Travel Alberta Drives International Revenue

Travel Alberta invests in markets with the most potential for immediate and long-term growth. We monitor market performance throughout the year against performance indicators that ensure international markets continue to thrive, bringing new visitors, new revenues and economic benefits to Alberta. 

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Source: Statistics Canada, International Travel Survey and Travel Survey of Residents of Canada

The Next Ten

The results from the past year demonstrate we have great momentum in our favour as we look to the future. Travel Alberta is excited to work with the Government of Alberta, industry partners and other community stakeholders to develop a new 10-Year Tourism Strategy for sustainable growth. The province is focusing on a holistic strategy that addresses the triple bottom line, delivering on the needs of people, the planet and profit.