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Getting Started Checklist

Benefits of ATIS – Reasons Why You Should Create a Listing

This checklist will allow you to ensure that you've got everything you need in order to create your best listing. This checklist will be your guide in reviewing all the required steps from getting started to reviewing your content performance. 

Before You Get Started

  1. To ensure your business is eligible to use ATIS, review the section Which Businesses can Utilize ATIS. If you are eligible move to Step 2.
  2. Check to see if you have an existing account. Review the Setting Up An Account section of the How to Manual.  If not, move to Step 3. 
  3. Create an Account: Creating an account takes approximately five minutes. To learn more about creating an account please review Setting up an Account.
  4. Check to see if a listing exists in - If you have a listing, but do not have access to it, please review Getting Access to an Existing Listing in ATIS.
  5. Review the Category Definitions to ensure that you've selected the appropriate categories that directly apply to your listing or event. 
  6. Gather images – Great photos will attract visitors to view your listing, offer or event. To learn more about what qualifies as a great photo, please review Standing Out with Great Photos.
  7. Write a compelling description – Descriptions are an essential step in creating an effective listing, event or offer. They provide travellers with essential information that allows them to get to know your business and/or experience and why they should visit. To learn more about writing a great description, please review the How to Write a Great Description.

Adding a Listing or Event Into ATIS

Start with adding your listing or event into ATIS. To learn more about how to add a listing or event, review Adding a Listing and Adding an Event.

Adding an Offer Into ATIS

Once you have spurred the interest of a traveller through listings, events, photos and articles offers are your invitation to travellers to come and experience your product. To learn more about how to add an offer, review Adding an Offer.

Adding an Article Into ATIS

Articles will help to increase your online exposure. Telling interesting stories in an authentic way can help to create excitement around your experience and connect to your potential visitors by giving them more reason to visit. To learn more about how to add an article, review Adding an Article.

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