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Events Overview

An Event is a unique, organized event or series of events that take place over a short time (less than four months). Guests are typically involved as spectators, not participants. Events are a great way to attract time-sensitive tourism to your region, and incentivize visitors to travel when your experience will have the most impact on them.

Events differ from listings in that an event is unique and does not occur frequently throughout the year. Frequently occurring events may be better suited to a listing or an Offer instead.

What can be approved as an Event?

An experience must meet the following criteria to be approved as an Event. Approval of all Events remains at Travel Alberta’s discretion.

  • It is market-ready
  • It is a tourism product
  • It takes place as one single organized event, or as a series of organized events over less than four months
  • It takes place within Alberta
  • It is able to draw visitors on its own merit and is not geared mainly toward local residents (i.e. a community breakfast)
  • It has a spectator component
  • It can be correctly classified under an existing ATIS event category
  • It may be a holiday or seasonal event (such as Canada Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.), but must include a variety of entertainment features that would attract outside visitors

The following are not eligible to be ATIS Events

  • Frequently recurring activities (e.g., a weekly guided tour)
  • Events that do not have a physical location (e.g., an online or virtual event)
  • Garage sales or other retail sales. An event such as a Christmas Craft Show can be included if there are at least two additional activities Offered as part of the craft sale that contribute to a festival environment (sleigh rides, food vendors, light shows, etc.)
  • Trade shows
  • Workshops, lessons, lectures, classes or other events where learning is the focus
  • Seasonal camps
  • Religious services
  • Fundraisers, bake sales, benefit dinners or other charity or trade-focused events
  • Food sales or happy hour
  • K-12 school events or performances (national or international level championships may be exempt). Otherwise, sporting or performing arts events must be produced by a professional or semi-professional organization.

Getting Started with Events