Travel Alberta

What is an Offer?

Once you have a Listing in place, an Offer provides travellers with pricing information for your tourism experience (or packaged group of products) and invites them to experience your product. A well-developed Offer can make all the difference in attracting travellers to your business.

The price of an Offer may be set at regular or a discounted rate.

General Offers Guidelines and Best Practices:

  • Packaging with other partners is a great way to increase your exposure. For example, if you are an attraction and you partner with an accommodation, your Offer will appear in both categories.
  • “Value-adds” can be just as powerful as a discount. Look for interesting ways to fill need periods through value-adds that entice visitors to your business. Consider partnering with a local event in town and carry the theme of the event over to your Offer.
  • Ensure your site lists the details of your Offer, and that your ATIS Offer links directly to that page on your website. Make your Offer easy for customers to find

Getting Started with Offers