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Content Categories and Types

Category Definitions

Listing categories are classified into nine main categories, with each further subdivided into various types. Events are subdivided into nine sub-types.

Category Definitions will help you ensure that you've selected the appropriate categories that directly apply to your listing or event. Download a copy of the ATIS Categories.

  • Accommodations


    Backcountry Hut – A self-contained accommodation situated in a secluded location, only accessible by trails or air, and varying from rustic to more comfortable in nature.

    Bed & Breakfast – An establishment situated on private property or in a small residential building, Offering a small number of guest rooms with breakfast provided.

    Campground & RV Parks – A facility offering overnight stays for RVs, tents, or other alternative accommodations, such as tipis and yurts, along with a range of support services.

    Guest Ranches & Farm Stays – Guest Ranches are establishments providing western ambiance, cuisine, atmosphere and activities, or are situated on a farm. Farms Stays are in a rural setting and offer the opportunity to observe or become involved in farm-focused activities.

    Hostel – A facility with a focus on budget travellers and backpackers. These accommodations typically have dormitory-style rooms and shared kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas.

    Hotels, Motels & Inns – An establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travellers and tourists. Motels are a lodging establishment where rooms may be accessible from the exterior or interior, with limited food service options; inns are accommodations larger than a bed and breakfast, yet offering more personalized service than a hotel.  Meal service is often limited to a breakfast and an evening meal.

    Lodges & Cabins – A self-contained accommodation situated in a secluded or semi-secluded location that is available for rent on a frequent basis.

    Vacation Home – A resident's secondary home, used for recreational purposes, that they rent out to travellers.

  • Attractions

    Agricultural – An attraction located on a farm, such as a corn maze or entertainment farm.

    Amusement, Theme Park & Science Centres – A commercially operated park or permanent facility that has family-friendly games, rides, and/or exhibits and activities with a science focus.

    Arts & Performing Arts Venue – A multi-use performance space, venue or facility that is primarily intended for use by various types of live performing arts such as ballet, theatre or music.

    Garden – A peaceful area used for growing flowers, vegetables and/or fruit.

    Golf Course– A developed location consisting of landscaped features, including greens and fairways with a minimum of 9 holes, including mini golf.  Depending on location, food and other retail services may be available.

    Gondola & Tramway – A self-propelled or operator-driven cable vehicle that Offers: (a) transportation from the ground to a mountain peak in an attached cabin car or (b) travel along a fixed track.

    Hot Springs – A natural thermal spring producing water that is above 30 degrees Celsius. Alberta has two hot springs, one in Banff National Park and the other in Jasper National Park.

    Landmarks & Buildings – Man-made structures of interest to visitors, including bridges, marinas, buildings or places of worship.

    Museum & Historic Site – A building or designated site that has historic/cultural significance and Offers interpretive displays.

    Retail Outlet – Commercial locations, such as individual stores or shopping districts, that sell goods and merchandise, providing consumers with a unique shopping or retail experience. Chain stores may be considered if they are unique to Alberta and have fewer than five locations.

    Ski Hills – A developed mountain location Offering downhill skiing and snowboarding.

    Spa – A facility Offering a variety of wellness-focused services, including fitness and health enhancement.  Spas may be part of a resort, hotel or inn or in a standalone building, but they must Offer a full range of services.

    Sports & Recreation Facilities – A multi-use sporting facility, venue or stadium that is primarily intended for exercising, sports training or live competition in various sports such as hockey, football, baseball or basketball.

    Zoo & Wildlife Park – A location or facility that focuses on the appreciation and interpretation of wildlife, such as a zoo or bird sanctuary.

  • Food and Entertainment

    Casino – A facility that houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities, and may include other forms of entertainment.

    Café, Bakery or Coffee Shop – A small, informal food service provider with the focus of preparing and selling coffee, tea or other light refreshments and/or baked goods, sandwiches, and limited menu items for lunch and supper.

    Diner – An eating establishment that primarily offers food service to patrons who order items at a counter or food bar for immediate or offsite consumption. They may offer a variety of food items, snacks or non-alcoholic beverages.

    Dinner Theatre – A dining location where theatrical or musical performances are the focal point of the experience.

    Farm & Market – A farm location or market, such as an orchard or U-Pick, that sells Alberta-grown products, or a gathering of vendors who sell their product directly to consumers. These establishments must either be a member of the Alberta Farmer's Market Association, or part of a public market that operates in a facility approved by Alberta Health and where each food vendor has an individual food establishment permit.

    Live Entertainment Club – A licensed venue where the primary entertainment is the performance of live music or comedy. Similar to a nightclub or pub, these venues feature live entertainment at least four days a week.

    Nightclub – A licensed establishment primarily providing nighttime entertainment such as dancing, DJs and music, and serving alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption.

    Performing Arts and Theatre Groups – Professional or semi-professional theatre groups or performing arts ensembles that perform regularly scheduled repertoire under an established name to a live audience.

    Pub – A licensed establishment that primarily prepares and serves alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption.  These establishments may also provide varying levels of food service.

    Restaurant – A place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.

    Sports Organizations – An organization that competes in organized sport at a professional or semi-professional level during a regularly scheduled season.

    Winery & Brewery – An establishment where the focal point is the brewing and distillation of wines, spirits or other alcoholic products. To be considered in this category, the winery or brewery must offer a consumer education or tour component.

  • Guided Tours

    Guided Operator – A business that delivers scheduled guided tours or is able to provide, upon request, custom guided experiences for individuals or groups. Guided Operators must have insurance and a license to operate under this premise.

  • Natural Attractions

    Beach – An area of shore adjacent to and extending into water, which provides opportunity for water recreation and activities.

    Canyon – Also called a gorge, a canyon is a deep ravine between cliffs, often carved from the landscape by a river.

    Dark Sky Preserve – An area, usually surrounding a park or observatory, that is kept free of artificial light pollution and holds an official designation as a Dark Sky Preserve.

    Glacier – A slow-moving mass of ice and debris, formed by the accumulation and compaction of snow on mountains.

    Lake – A body of standing water, usually fresh, that is surrounded by land.

    Recreation Area – An area of land preserved for recreational use.

    Lookout Point – A location providing scenic views of landscapes or man-made features.

    Mountain – A large natural elevation of the earth's surface rising abruptly from the surrounding level.

    National Park – A scenic, historic or natural area protected by the federal government for the enjoyment of the general public or the preservation of wildlife. There are five National Parks in Alberta: Banff, Elk Island, Jasper, Waterton Lakes and Wood Buffalo.

    Northern Lights – The aurora of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Provincial Park – A scenic, historic or natural area protected by the provincial government for the enjoyment of the general public or the preservation of wildlife.

    River – A body of water, usually fresh, flowing towards another body of water.

    Trail – A beaten path through rough country such as a forest.

    Waterfall – A place where water flows over a vertical drop in the course of a stream or river.

  • Rentals

    ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles – A location that rents recreational vehicles such as ATV’s, motorcycles or snowmobiles.

    Automobile – A location offering rental of automobiles.

    Camping Equipment – A location offering rental of camping equipment for any length of time.

    Recreational Vehicle – A location offering rental of campers, trailers or motorhomes.

    Sporting Equipment – A location offering rental of one or many types of sporting equipment for any length of time.

    Watercraft – A location that rents motorized boats, jet skis, or non-motorized watercraft such as canoes, kayaks or other boats.

  • Tourism Marketing Partner

    Wholesaler & Inbound Tour Operator – a business or organization that makes travel reservations on behalf of travellers.

  • Transportation

    Airport – Designated location for scheduled air service from domestic and international markets. Alberta is serviced by three international airports, in Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Calgary.

    Bus – Scheduled bus service providing consumers with transportation to and from designated start and destination points.

    Coach – A type of bus service offering chartered, regular tours.

    Ferry – Scheduled service providing transport to vehicles or people across a body of water.

    Rail – Scheduled rail service providing transport for people to and from designated start and destination points.

    Transfer & Shuttle – Scheduled service designed to transport passengers to and from an airport or other location.

  • Visitor Services

    Port of Entry - An access point, for international visitors into Alberta by road or air.

    Visitor Information Centre - A location with regular scheduled hours offering visitors a place to gather information about Alberta.

  • Events

    Agricultural Fair – Includes agricultural fairs and exhibitions.

    Arts & Performing Arts – Includes plays, musicals, and dance performances, as well as film, video and literary arts produced or performed by professional or semi-professional arts organizations.

    Cultural – Any event with a focus on cultural heritage or history, including Indigenous events, western heritage and events at museums & historic sites.

    Culinary – Any event with a primary focus on food/drink products that is open to the public. Events with food and drink that are not the primary focus do not fit this category.

    Exhibits & Shows – Exhibitions and shows including arts/crafts events, motor shows, and special exhibits.

    Festival – A single or multi-day event that celebrates a particular theme (e.g., film, music, etc.) and has a varied program of events or entertainment.

    Rodeo – Includes professional/amateur rodeos and chuckwagon races.

    Music & Concerts – Any type of musical presentation, ranging from rock concert to symphony, produced or performed by professional or semi-professional organizations.

    Sport Events – Individual or team sport competitions (races, championships, games) performed by professional or semi-professional sports organizations.