Travel Alberta

Qualified Travellers

Some website visitors are more likely to become Alberta tourism customers than others.

Qualified Travellers are web visitors who have demonstrated a qualified interest in travelling to Alberta, as measured though their activity on and other Travel Alberta online marketing experiences.

Each time a web visitor clicks on an industry partner’s listing or event page, or clicks to a partner’s website from an Offer, Listing or Event page on, they are counted as a Qualified Traveller. Qualified Travellers can also be measured when Travel Alberta uses a partner’s Listing, Offer or Event in marketing efforts outside of Travel Alberta’s website (such as e-newsletters, social channels, or other online platforms).  

While many factors affect a listing’s total number of Qualified Travellers (location, proximity to other attractions, name recognition, audience appeal, etc.), a higher Health Score is helpful in driving as many to your listing as possible. On average, Listings with a Health Score of 71 or higher generate six times as many leads than those below.