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Events and Festivals Product Development Specialist

Jul 17, 2015
Jun 16, 2015
Tourism Jasper
Why we’re here: 

Tourism Jasper is the Destination Marketing Organization for Jasper and Jasper National Park. We’re a young, energetic, forward thinking team, who are charged with developing and executing on creative solutions to help our Shareholders (select hotels, restaurants, and activities in Jasper) increase revenue through sustainable visitation of targeted consumers to our awesome little town.   

Why you’re here:   

This is an intermediate position reporting to the Tourism Jasper Director of Business Development. The main purpose of the position is to build destination-wide capacity to develop and deliver new and innovative tourism event and festival experiences for visitors. This position is responsible for coordinating project activities associated with implementation of the Jasper Event Tourism Strategy and other strategies and initiatives related to tourism events and festivals. The position works towards the vision in which: Events in Jasper deliver authentic Canadian rocky mountain experiences and drive tourism visitation and spending in Jasper. The position achieves this vision by fostering, mentoring, coordinating and supporting multi-partner efforts to plan, promote and produce tourism events that drive visitation and spending in Jasper.   

Your Values = Our Values:   

Inspire: You inspire the team and enable them to achieve their goals by being a great combination of teammate and collaborator. You inspire our Shareholders and partners by your devotion to enriching the experience of being a part of Tourism Jasper.   

Respect: You promote respect in the organization through your dedication to fully understanding everyone’s needs and desires. You are highly respected by the team and our Shareholders because of your fair and empathetic treatment of others.   

Collaborate: You embody the spirit of collaboration through your belief that bringing people together achieves success. You continuously collaborate with Shareholders and partners to forge the most effective partnerships for all parties involved.   

Accountable: Accountability is ingrained in you. You know that partnerships are only successful if there are checks and balances in place. Being results driven, you have no problem being held accountable for all the great work you do.   

Integrity: You show your high level of integrity by being a trusted teammate and partner. Your collaborative nature makes it easy for you to embrace the concept of integrity by always striving to do the right thing, even when no-one is looking. 

This is your role:   

You will work internally with Tourism Jasper team members and externally with partners to:     
  • Foster the public, non-profit and private partnerships required to plan, promote and produce tourism events in Jasper.   
  • Work closely with Parks Canada, the Municipality of Jasper, The Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce, the Jasper Hotel Association and Tourism Jasper Shareholders to align new tourism event product development initiatives.
  • Leverage existing organizations, programs and resources for more effective and efficient development and marketing of tourism events.
  • Mentor event committees in the planning and production of high quality tourism events and festivals that deliver authentic Canadian rocky mountain experiences and drive tourism revenues.   
  • Lead the development and sustainability of the Jasper Experiential Tourism Training program. The position will be highly involved in the development of high quality experiential tourism products.   
  • Liaise with the Tourism Jasper team to coordinate promotion and marketing efforts of anchor events.  
  • Develop innovative, results-based programs that will build capacity among tourism related businesses to deliver new and innovative experiences for visitors during planned events. 
  • Lead and/or coordinate tourism event product development workshops designed to increase the ability of partners to deliver enhanced experiences. Develop effective and interactive product development training tools and presentations.   
  • Assist in the development of tourism event plans (during identified need periods) that increase ROI for the business community, reach target markets and align with the Jasper brand.  
  • Monitor and report upon the success of Jasper Events and Festivals through identified performance measures.   
  • Monitor and report upon the Jasper Event Tourism Strategy and the Jasper Events and Festivals annual work plan.   
  • Provide applicable administrative support to the Jasper Events and Festivals Strategy Committee (and other identified committees by Tourism Jasper).   
  • Although event implementation is not the primary role of the position, there is an expectation that the position supports implementation of anchor events through direct (on the ground) supervision and execution of select events.       

You’re armed with:      

  • This position requires an undergraduate degree in tourism, business, recreation, sport, marketing, economic development or a related discipline, or equivalent post-secondary education and related experience.
  • Content Knowledge     
  • Understanding of tourism, events and economic and community development. 
  • Understanding of business principles and practices, including planning, reporting, performance measures and budgets.  
  • Experience in planning, promoting and producing high quality events; and ability to bring this experience to organizations responsible for events in Jasper.  
  • Knowledge of the regulations, permits, policies and programs related to tourism and events.   
  • Experience in fostering and maintaining positive relationships with various partners. 
  • Strong project management skills with the ability to lead and manage complex projects involving multiple partners.  
  • Must be able to provide sound strategic direction and practical advice to public, non-profit and private partners based on sound decision making.   
  • Strong facilitation and consulting skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to develop close working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.  
  • Excellent written communications skills for preparing reports and updates.  
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software, including Excel, and Word.                           
Your life at Work:   
  • Primarily an office environment. 
  • It will involve some evening and weekend work.  
  • May be required to supervise, oversee and monitor festivals and events in all weather conditions, indoors and outdoors,  
  • The set-up, take-down and staging of festivals and events may involve lifting, carrying and moving equipment and apparatus.  
  • Limited travel may be required.       

How can you join our Team:   

Please forward a cover letter and resume to   

Tourism Jasper would like to thank all applicants, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Closing Date: July 17th, 2015