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Information Centre (IC) Lead

Apr 29, 2016
Feb 24, 2016
Concorde Airport Services

Company Description:

Concorde has been providing significant, continuous and expanding services to the Airport Authority for many years.  We are honored to add the Customer Care Ambassador Services to our existing portfolio of services which include Technical (since 2011), HVAC (since 2010), Baggage (since 2005), and Janitorial (since 1993).   We pride ourselves on providing the best possible level of customer service to passengers, tenants, agencies, and other partners at the Calgary International Airport. 

The Ambassador Program’s purpose is to provide an exceptional passenger experience from curbside to gate.  Ambassadors will play a critical role helping passengers and other airport users navigate the new terminal and its processes, and supporting passenger movement between the existing terminal and the new international facility, in a friendly, professional, and caring manner.  The Customer Care Ambassadors will join the Calgary International Airport’s renowned White Hat Volunteers and the dedicated staff and partners at the airport in providing a passenger experience that is second to none.

Job Description:


The Information Centre Lead will supervise and manage all Information Centre Ambassadors and ensure all Information Centres are operating efficiently and effectively.  Specifically, this role focuses on the four Information Centres which provide customer service, tourism, luggage storage, lost and found, and general information to passengers and customers throughout both the international and existing terminals.

As part of the larger Customer Care Ambassador team, this role is integral to addressing YYC’s top priorities - customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The primary focus of all Customer Care Ambassadors is to provide customer care which means an unwavering focus on proactively assisting, educating, promoting, and directing customers to the services provided at the Airport.

Job Duties:

Approximately 50% of the role focuses on Supervisory Duties including:

  • Staff and manage the four (4) Information Centres in the Terminal;
  • Stay informed about any changes or updates to airport operations, passenger processes, services, etc., and communicate to Information Centre Ambassadors in a timely manner;
  • Provide relief for coffee breaks, meals, sick leave and vacation leave when required;
  • Provide training for Customer Care Ambassadors; and
  • Provide operational assistance during irregular operation events (IROPS) as per YYC operational procedures or as directed by the Airport Duty Manager.

Approximately 45% of the role focuses on Passenger Assistance, including:

  • Develop and maintain an extensive knowledge of the layout, facilities, services and amenities of the Terminal complex, including processes and procedures that passengers may experience;
  • Provide exceptional information services to passengers in a courteous, warm, friendly, and professional manner at all times;
  • Promote shopping and retail opportunities to educate passengers of the services, products and amenities available within the Terminal complex;
  • Provide timely and accurate flight, gate, boarding and other pertinent information to ensure a positive passenger experience;
  • Provide operational assistance during irregular operation events (IROPS) as per YYC operational procedures or as directed by the Airport Duty Manager;
  • Actively seek out and offer assistance and information to passengers on a continuous basis;
  • Be responsible for understanding the passenger services provided at the airport and be able to direct passengers who require or request assistance;
  • Engage in continuous customer interaction to assist, educate, promote, and clarify the services being provided at the Airport;
  • Collaborate with all airport partners (ie. airline staff, tenant staff, White Hat Volunteers) to ensure high customer service;
  • Provide courteous, helpful, and supportive assistance to passengers;
  • Provide accurate, timely and relevant information to passengers in an efficient, helpful and transparent manner;
  • Take personal pride and ownership of the area of service being provided;
  • Have a professional, friendly, welcoming attitude and appearance while providing each arriving, departing and connecting passenger with a friendly, and superior level of care and customer service; and
  • Provide updates, suggestions, and recommendations to the Airport Authority on how to improve the Customer Care program.

The last 5% of the role focuses on Other Duties such as:

  • Rotate with other Customer Care Ambassador lead roles on a rotational basis;
  • Ensure Information Centres are clean, organized and presentable to the public;
  • Participate in Zone Evacuation Officer program; and
  • Perform other duties as required.

Working Conditions:

  • Prolonged standing is required;
  • Walking long distances is required; and
  • Shift work may be required; and
  • The airport is not a scent free work environment.

Job Classification: Full Time

Pay Rate: $23.32/hour, approximately $48,505 annually

How to Apply:

If you love the idea of creating an exceptional passenger experience at YYC … believe in what the Calgary International Airport can offer Calgary’s residents and visitors … and are interested in joining this outstanding team of Customer Care Ambassadors, submit your resume and cover letter to  We’d love to hear from you!