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Human Resources Manager

Oct 31, 2017
Sep 26, 2017
RMSI-JTAC Equipment Holdings Ltd.
Reports to: President and CEO

RMSI-JTAC Equipment Holdings Ltd. Is the holding company for Jasper National Park’s premier visitor attractions, Jasper SkyTram (open to visitors March to October) and Ski Marmot Basin (open November to May). Jasper National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the summer months when tourists flock to Jasper SkyTram, Marmot Basin plays host to all the wildlife Jasper has to offer and summer maintenance jobs are shared with all manner of mountain wildlife including bears. Most employees are seasonal, with seasons overlapping between attractions, but there is a core staff of approximately 40 year-round staff.


The ideal candidate:

Will love Jasper National Park, wildlife, the outdoors and have a problem-solving mentality coupled with a process background to continue the ongoing improvements of HR within RMSI-JTAC. 


  • Employee Relations, acting as a direct resource for employees and liaising with Managers on employee matters, individually and in a group setting. Mediate where necessary.
  • Ensure compliance to federal and provincial employment standards legislation, and any other legislation impacting employees and Managers, through process and policy steps.
  • Coach and train Managers and Supervisors pertaining to employee relations and management.
  • Ensure effective employee performance systems, including required progressive action and discipline.
  • Onboarding of new / Offboarding of existing employees including the preparation of training and ancillary materials, including supporting the customer service training programs required for all employees.
  • Ensure exit interviews are conducted, trends determined and appropriate actions taken.
  • Provide input and training on employee safety matters as part of managing WCB and the overall wellness of employees. Work directly with the Manager responsible for Health & Safety. Be visible to employees in this support.
  • Establish, and maintain, both international and domestic hiring agencies to source staff. Travel abroad or throughout Canada as necessary to recruit the best staff.
  • Work with government agencies as well as immigration lawyers on bringing in key international staff.
  • Hire all staff either directly or by working collaboratively with Managers and Supervisors.
  • Ensure the recruitment is best-in-class with pre-screening of candidates through psychometric testing or other means. Ensure existing employees are given the opportunity to move into new roles and progress their careers.
  • Take an active role in the Jasper HR and related community affairs programs to promote the needs of RMSI-JTAC.
  • Ensure the accurate and timely completion of Ceridian steps in the recruitment and onboarding modules.
  • Disability case management (excluding WCB cases) working with the Financial Controller, Manager and employee with the Financial Controller acting as the direct link to the insurer.
  • Managing a small team.
  • Directing resources that report to other Managers and Supervisors at times of high work volume.
  • Ensure the smooth supply of Uniforms through timely and accurate supply management. Work with Managers and Supervisors on seasonal needs, uniform management processes, and the distribution of uniforms. 

Complementary responsibilities:

Payroll, Employee Filing, Benefits (including insured disability insurance through a third party insurance program excluding WCB) and Compensation are managed through the Finance department. The ideal candidate will work seamlessly with these functions ensuring the easy and accurate flow of all supporting data and materials. Compensation challenges and ideas will be directed to the Financial Controller for review.

Accommodation is managed through the Finance department and is a close partner in the hiring process. The ideal candidate will include the Accommodation Officer in the offer stage of the recruitment process to ensure optimum placement of employees in staff accommodation. Both will work to ensure employees understand the need for respect and tolerance in staff accommodation by all parties.



  • Five years’ experience in the HR field with ideally, 2 years in hospitality.
  • Prior staff management experience.
  • Recruitment experience ideally involving international hiring and immigration.
  • Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, or extensive experience in HR, Business or a related field.
  • CPHR accreditation is ideal but not essential. Candidates are expected to demonstrate extensive knowledge and experience in HR.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (or related tool for preparing training materials).
  • Great communicator.
  • Team-player.

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