Interim Executive Director Services

The Board of Directors of Tourism Red Deer is requesting quotes from qualified contractors to provide the services of Interim Executive Director. The term and scope of work for the contract is outlined below.

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Tourism Red Deer

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Location: Red Deer

Request for Quote: Interim Executive Director Services

The Board of Directors of Tourism Red Deer is requesting quotes from qualified contractors to provide
the services of Interim Executive Director. The term and scope of work for the contract is outlined


Overview :

The contractor will provide the services of Interim Executive Director and will be responsible for the day
to day operations of Tourism Red Deer as well as the projects described below to ensure an easy
transition to a permanent Executive Director for the organization.
The contractor will be responsible for representing Red Deer as a destination for events, activities and
tourism experiences in alignment with the overall strategic objectives of Tourism Red Deer. This will
include developing positive relationships with staff, industry partners, funding partners and stakeholders
to enhance the visibility of the organization.
The contractor will report progress on a bi-weekly basis to the Board of Directors through the Transition


Responsibilities of the Contractor:

  • Oversee the day to day operations of the organization, including developing a management
    structure that allows the staff to have clear job descriptions and expectations so that they can
    be successful in their work. This includes:
  • Overseeing and empowering the Operations Manager to:
    • Manage the budget, including the alignment of the budget with the strategic
    • Assist the Board in the development of governance policies; and
    • Review available grants, complete applications and manage existing grant
  • Overseeing and empowering the Marketing and Communications Manager to:
    • Define the target market for the organization;
    • Developing and implementing a marketing plan;
    • Review the website and marketing agency contract;
    • Manage requests from travel media and travel trades;
    • Media relations with local outlets to share the organization’s success stories;
    • Update the industry through a monthly newsletter and industry section of the
    • website; and
    • Support event producers to attract events to Red Deer.
  • Ensure that visitor information is available through online channels and in person as
  • Ensure visibility of the organization at community events.
  • Maintain relationship with Travel Alberta, government departments and municipal
  • Connect industry partners to the appropriate resources based on their needs.
  • Implement the Tourism Joint Venture. This includes:
    • Building relationships with industry partners;
    • Establishing the terms of reference for the 3 committees (Outdoor Recreation, Food Tourism, and Culture, Heritage and Arts Tourism);
    • Identifying key committee members and establish 1 to 2 committees;
    • Developing at least one journey map with at least one of the committees;
    • Work with funding partners to develop and implement a reporting model;
    • Making recommendations on the organization’s membership model and future
      opportunities; and
    • Identifying new and creative opportunities for revenue generation.
  • Make recommendations on the role of Tourism Red Deer as part of the Central Alberta Tourism
    Alliance, including the:
    • separation of accounts and financial reporting; and formalization of the relationship including the roles of both organizations.

Background & Experience

The contractor must have demonstrated through past engagements that they have:

  • Extensive knowledge of the Central Alberta region and tourism in Alberta;
  • Strong and effective relationships with governments, tourism sector stakeholders and other
  • A positive, engaged and informed approach to tourism and the ability to ensure that Tourism
    Red Deer makes the most of opportunities and rises to the challenges while collaborating with
    other tourism industry members; and
  • Proven tourism experience related to this project.

Additional Requirements

  • This contract is for the Interim Executive Director services only and will not lead to a permanent
    position. The organization will be advertising for the position of Executive Director and the
    successful contractor or their staff may apply to be considered as part of the hiring process.
  • While some work may be done on a remote basis, the contractor must be based in Central
    Alberta for this contract. Tourism Red Deer will not compensate for travel expenses from
    outside of the region or accommodation within the region.
  • The contractor must be available to start on November 4, 2019 and commit to a 5 months
    contract, with potential for extension on a monthly basis until a permanent Executive Director is
  • The maximum budget for the 5 month term is $46,400.


Quotes must be submitted to by the end of business on October 22, 2019.
Tourism Red Deer reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted as a result of this Request for Quotes.