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Supporting the foundation of a great destination where people want to visit as much as they want to live, work, play and invest.

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You are the ultimate hosts, supporting the development of a local economy through destination development.

Municipal government and local economic development organizations in smaller locales see the value in encouraging visitors to check out their destination. Hidden gems in off-the-beaten-track places are often just what Alberta visitors are seeking. Travel Alberta is ready to support Alberta municipalities and towns with information, investment and expertise in creating a destination that benefits the greater community, and helps us grow tourism revenue across the province.

You are part of a larger industry worth more than $8 billion annually - take a closer look at some of the ways Travel Alberta is working with you as part of team Alberta.

Government of Alberta programs

  • Tourism Growth Innovation Fund - Funding for non-profit organizations and communities to explore destination development opportunities and build new tourism experiences.
  • Visitor Friendly Program - Transform your community into a welcoming destination that will create lasting impressions for visitors and encourage them to return.
  • Alberta Visitor Information Providers Program - Learn how to provide efficient and effective visitor information and trip planning services to visitors in your community.
  • Visitor Services Innovation Fund - Funding for non-profit organizations that are recognized as official visitor services providers for their community or region.

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Access to support and information from Alberta Tourism Information Service listings with Travel Alberta

Cooperative Investment

Contact your local cooperative marketing manager for support and information on accessing investment for your business.

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Contact your local experience development manager for support and information on how to develop your tourism-focused business.