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Travel Alberta’s purview includes responsibility for the supply side of the tourism industry, or what we refer to as destination development.

Our role in destination development is threefold:

As a driver

we strategically invest in destinations and experiences with the greatest potential for a high return. This creates jobs, supports businesses, and diversifies the economy, benefitting all Albertans.

As a partner

we coordinate a holistic and collaborative approach to growing the visitor economy with our stakeholders. Working together toward common goals fast tracks achievement of them.

As a convener

we bring together economic development bodies, businesses and governments to accelerate investments, navigate regulatory processes and position tourism as a positive contributor.

Tourism is a long game with vast untapped potential.

To stay competitive and realize our potential requires us to continually enhance and add to our visitor offerings. Bolstering supply for the long-term will ensure Alberta continues to have desirable travel experiences that meet the ever-changing needs of visitors.

To aid our development efforts, Travel Alberta’s industry support is guided by 13 regions*, each with its own unique physical and cultural diversity, as well as investment opportunities. Moving forward, each region has a dedicated Manager of Destination Development who serves as one point of contact responsible for leading Travel Alberta’s holistic approach to destination development.

Alberta Regional Profiles Map
* In July 2022, Travel Alberta changed its boundary mapping from 6 macro regions to 13 micro regions to portray the diversity of place and array of experiences in regions more accurately.