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Global Ready – China: Hotel Ready

Exceptional hospitality is at the heart of every hotel’s mission and understanding your Chinese guests’ needs is key to a remarkable stay. In this free on-demand session, we’ll help you get “ready” by providing you with information on hotel amenities that Chinese travellers look for, what types of information you should translate, and simple phrases you can learn to make them feel welcome. This training is applicable for management, customer service representatives and frontline staff.

Global Ready – China: Cultural Awareness training is also available and we recommend that you take this training to help you understand more about the Chinese traveller. 

More on-demand training sessions are available to help different types of businesses understand the preferences of the Chinese traveller and how you can use this information to serve this market and generate new revenue.

Restaurant Ready - Understanding Chinese food culture, Chinese dining and etiquette.

Retail Ready - The shopping habits of Chinese travellers and making your store “Chinese friendly.”

Global Ready – China online training was developed for Travel Alberta by BRIC Marketing Group (BMG), a tourism marketing company with years of experience in the China market. 

start time:
Apr 1, 2018 12:00 PM
end time:
Mar 31, 2019
, Alberta Canada