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GLOBAL READY – CHINA: Is Your Business Service Ready? Calgary

In this second instalment of Travel Alberta’s Global Ready – China seminars, we’re focusing on customer service and the expectations of travellers from China. This diverse market brings travellers with varying needs and expectations depending on their travel experience, where they live, their age and their travel style. In this session you’ll learn key insights that will give you what you need to be service ready for every traveller!

You’ll also learn about recent trends and be introduced (or re-introduced for those who attended our first seminar) to the cultural differences of travellers from China – making this session a great investment of time for business owners, managers, marketing and sales staff, and front-line employees.

This Global Ready – China seminar provides in-depth information and a complimentary reference handbook with tips to help you and your staff prepare to welcome the growing number of Chinese travellers to Alberta.

Travel Alberta’s Global Ready – China seminar is presented by BMG, leaders in cultural training and specialists in understanding the Chinese traveller.

start time:
Feb 1, 2017 3:30 PM
end time:
Feb 1, 2017
Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre
Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre
Calgary, Alberta T2A 6B6 Canada