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Global Marketing

Travel Alberta’s 2016-18 Marketing Plan reflects our mandate and our role to present compelling invitations for the world to choose Alberta’s authentic experiences in breathtaking landscapes. In this process, we will support Albertans, our government, our industry and the visitor economy to compete and grow together as Team Alberta.

Expenditures and Person Visits by Market

Global Market Action Plan (GMAP)

Travel Alberta’s Global Market Action Plan (GMAP) is a road map for alignment. It’s designed to assist Travel Alberta to deliver on our three strategic objectives by ensuring all marketing initiatives support our mission. This approach ensures our priorities remain top-of-mind and relevant for our team, provides a united direction as we work with our tourism partners and supports consistency in how we work with our clients globally. The traveller remains at the core of all our marketing activity.

Global Market Action Plan

  • Target Markets

    To achieve Alberta’s tourism 2022 strategy, Travel Alberta will focus our global marketing resources on markets which represent the greatest potential for tourism growth.

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  • Channel Distribution

    Reaching our target traveller through multiple channels and business partnerships allows Travel Alberta to extend brand reach, improve efficiency and influence consumers in a variety of points on the path to purchase.

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  • Selling Internationally

    International visitors show great interest in the Alberta experience and often stay longer and spend more than a domestic visitor, bringing incremental revenue into the province.

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  • Marketing Priorities
    Marketing Priorities

    Travel Alberta’s mandate is to promote Alberta as a destination of choice, unique in the world. Increasingly, we do this through the voices of our travellers – our most authentic advocates.

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  • Alberta's Best Customer
    Alberta's Best Customer

    Choosing the right target audience is essential to maximizing our return on marketing investment. While within Alberta we want to inspire all Albertans, beyond our borders we must be much more focused.

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  • Content Marketing
    Content Marketing

    In the global tourism marketing world, the content marketing in growing at an unprecedented rate as traditional advertising is disrupted.

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  • Marketing Performance
    Marketing Performance

    Travel Alberta looks for opportunities to be agile in a dynamic and competitive tourism marketplace and to get the maximum number of visitors to Alberta in the most targeted, cost-effective way possible.

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