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Choosing the right target audience is essential to maximizing our return on marketing investment. While within Alberta we want to inspire all Albertans, beyond our borders we must be much more focused. Understanding who our customers are and what they want in an Alberta vacation experiences is fundamental to our marketing success. The goal is to connect our brand and marketing campaigns to these customers, at work, at home and at play.

  • Traveller segments

Focusing on the optimal traveller segments

Choosing the right target audience is essential to maximizing our return on marketing investment. While within Alberta we want to inspire all Albertans, beyond our borders we must be much more focused.

Over the last few years, a new market is emerging and is going to be the most influential traveller audience for the next decade or more: Millennials. Born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, Millennials have entered the work force, and many are approaching their peak earning years and are starting families. More importantly, they love to travel. Often, they will prioritize travel ahead of more traditional purchases such as a home or a car. This means they travel more and at younger ages than other generations. Millennials are also big influencers of travel, inspiring the older generations to travel like the Millennials do.

Millennials are the largest travel segment in many countries, including China and the U.S., a segment we cannot afford to ignore.

The second aspect of our customer focus is the very effective Explorer Quotient (EQ) developed by Destination Canada that we have been using. Detailed analysis reveals that the Free Spirit remains our number one audience globally and aligns very closely with the Millennial in every market. This Free Spirit Millennial will be our primary audience. EQ also reveals that every country has a distinct secondary audience and we will be customizing our marketing to focus on our highest potential customers in each market.Through this audience segmentation we will more effectively move our travellers down the path to purchase, inspiring them to travel more, stay longer and share their experiences with others.

  • Explorer Quotient (EQ)

Finding our best audience

Environics Research Group, one of Canada's leading marketing and social research firms, worked with the Destination Canada to develop the Explorer Quotient™(EQ). EQ builds a link between travellers' social values and their travel behaviours and preferences. As we move from selling products to experiences, we are also moving to a more in-depth, psychographic method of defining our target audiences based on EQ profiles.

After extensive research, we identified Free Spirits as our primary target market. This segment is receptive to marketing/advertising messages, significantly more likely to visit many locations in a single trip, and most likely to tell others about their travel experiences, both online and offline. Our secondary target market is Cultural Explorers because, like our primary target, they are always planning for their next trip and are likely to travel with friends and family.

Free spirits

Free Spirits come in all ages, shapes and sizes. They are youthful adventures that come from all over the world. And of course, they even come from Alberta. Free Spirits live to travel. Travel satisfies their natural and insatiable need for the exciting. They desire the best of everything and want to be with others who feel the same way. They have a lot of energy. They travel for the thrill and the emotional charge of doing things. And they love to share and brag about their experiences.

Cultural explorers

Cultural Explorers want to immerse themselves in the culture, people and settings of the places they visit. They enjoy the history, but also look to experience the modern culture. Prior to every trip, they research their destination to better understand it. And once they're there, they prefer to let things unfold spontaneously. They want their trips to go beyond just seeing the tourist sites so they strive to leave the beaten path and explore out of the way places. Like our primary target market Free Spirits; Cultural Explorers are also excited about their next trip and the adventures that await.

To find out what EQ type you are, take the quiz here.

For more information about EQ Travel Alberta offers a CTC approved EQ workshop series.

  • Path to purchase

The path to purchase model is about understanding the mindset of our customer when making travel decisions. Where travellers fall on the path differs across markets,Experience Quotient (EQ) segments, time and season; therefore, our strategy is to capture our customers’ imaginations through multiple storytelling channels and marketing tactics across the following stages.

Path To Purchase