Travel Alberta

Consumer Direct

Travel Alberta takes an integrated approach to consumer marketing, including traditional and non-traditional paid media, complemented by innovative, non-traditional partnerships and social media engagement.

Seasonal campaigns will give way to year-round marketing initiatives in targeted markets, with unique media acceleration periods prior to seasonal booking windows. We will position Alberta as a destination of choice by capturing consumer interest with the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

We will continue to offer compelling invitations to visit Alberta by matching authentic experiences to traveller needs.

Key activities
  • Strengthen social networking efforts to harness traveller advocacy
  • Increase revenue generating capabilities of industry partners
  • Expand in-market partner opportunities
  • Leverage Alberta brand messaging

Official Alberta Travel Planner

This compelling printed or digital resource helps to position our brand experiences to travellers looking for inspiration.

Alberta Trip Planning Tool

Visitors can take itinerary development one step further by using Travel Alberta’s new trip planning tool. More than 20 easy-to-follow itineraries help navigate travellers to Alberta’s icons and hidden gems.

Trip Planning Tool