Travel Alberta

Content Marketing

In the global tourism marketing world, content marketing is growing at an unprecedented rate as traditional advertising is disrupted. Consumers are downloading ad blockers, cutting cable TV service and searching for information through mobile devices like never before. While traditional media still has its place, consumers now make travel decisions using a variety of sources, making it increasingly important for an integrated content marketing approach in this borderless digital environment.

Travel Alberta has created a global content strategy to guide the process of developing and sharing relevant,valuable and engaging content with travellers with the goal of driving destination awareness, consideration and advocacy through the path to purchase. We are shifting from being a “marketer” to an “always-on content publisher” through creating compelling content that stimulates conversations and engagements with Albertans and travellers from afar.

Alberta’s tourism story is told not only through our brand voice, but also through the images and words of others who travel here. Influencer and traveller generated content is now a key source of Travel Alberta content as it effectively engages and inspires. The voice of one traveller speaking to another keeps the experience honest and authentic, inspiring travellers to choose Alberta as their vacation destination.

The content we produce will be created with global usage in mind, and then localized for regional and international markets, allowing for efficiencies and reduced marketing costs. By integrating marketing content and channels such as advertising, social media, travel media relations, our websites and email marketing, we provide clarity, consistency and maximum communications impact. We also ensure that our content and real-time, data-driven marketing efforts align nationally with Destination Canada, and within the province with our Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and operators.