Travel Alberta

Marketing Priorities

Focused forward

Travel Alberta’s mandate is to promote Alberta as a destination of choice, unique in the world. Increasingly, we do this through the voices of our travellers – our most authentic advocates.

We develop this customer brand awareness and advocacy by presenting travellers with compelling invitations and exceptional experiences. We actively participate in conversations – sparked by travellers –within our social media communities. We care about what the traveller has to say about Alberta and we respond. And thus, our brand lives with our customer.

All this is done in collaboration with Team Alberta’s destination marketing organizations, tourism operators, communities and government, who work together to maximize return on investment of public dollars for tourism marketing and development.

As we move forward, we will focus on two fronts: Shifting perceptions of Alberta, and engaging today’s digitally connected traveller at the right time and place.

Shifting perceptions

Alberta, Canada is known for our natural wonders – mountains, northern lights, wildlife, glaciers and badlands. We are also known for being cold, too far away, lacking urban sophistication and being too costly.

The key to creating urgency and motivation for our target customers to plan their vacation here is our ability to effectively overcome these preconceptions.

We will do this by:

  • Positioning Alberta as “cool” not “cold.”
  • Evolving our marketing efforts to include a greater emphasis on the wide variety of experiences to be had in Alberta – those that complement a traveller’s primary motivation for visiting. Think culinary, arts and culture, urban adventure and more.
  • Increase use of User Generated Content (UGC) in our marketing programs to showcase Alberta through the eyes of travellers who have experienced all we have to offer.

Engaging digitally connected travelers

The proliferation of online, social and mobile communications has fundamentally changed the way travellers research, plan and purchase their vacations. In the 45 days before booking a trip, for example, travellers will visit over three dozen websites.

Travel Alberta will respond to these changing consumer behaviours by publishing online content on multiple platforms to connect with travellers regardless of the digital channel or device they use. 

We will do this by:

  • Enhancing Travel Alberta’s digital marketing channels (websites, email, social)
  • Improving our ability to engage travellers on third party digital channels
  • Increasing Team Alberta’s digital marketing acumen and capabilities Travel Alberta’s enhanced has been introduced in each of our nine target markets in six languages. It has evolved from being a website for Travel Alberta to a storytelling platform for travellers, influencers and partners. All of which nurtures and promotes a brand that lives with our customer.