Travel Alberta



Germany remains Europe’s economic powerhouse. Economic recovery in the Eurozone and the U.S. has helped Germany grow and outperform the rest of Europe.

Germany has the lowest unemployment rate among the major European countries and consumer spending picked up in 2013 on the back of a higher disposable income.

According to IPK International, outbound travel from Germany grew 2% in 2013. In 2014, despite difficult economic conditions, 28% of Europeans said they would like to take more international trips than last year. IPK predicts outbound travel from Germany will likely grow by 3%.

The German long-haul pleasure traveller perceives Canada as a top travel destination. According to the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s 2011 Global Tourism Watch, approximately five million German travellers report interest in visiting Canada.

Alberta has great opportunity to capitalize on this demand with compelling experiences and strong air access, with daily non-stop flights from Germany as well as connecting flights and charters during the summer months, including the addition of Iceland Air via Reykjavik to Edmonton.

Awareness of Alberta as a travel destination is still low in Germany and Travel Alberta will continue to leverage our partnership with the CTC to reach our targeted customers through brand extension. We will also continue to partner with Destination British Columbia on a Canada’s West marketing approach as most German travellers visit both B.C. and Alberta on a trip to Western Canada.

Key Activities

  • Invest in Alberta year-round campaigns, CTC-led seasonal campaigns, and a Canada’s West ski/winter campaign
  • Leverage the afterglow of the 2013 DERTOUR Academy in Alberta
  • Build relationships with travel trade through joint marketing agreements, FAM trips, learning opportunities, and innovative events
  • Work with top travel media influencers from Germany through media and social media activities to share Alberta’s tourism story

Expected Outcomes

  • Strong online presence for Alberta in the German market
  • Additional export-ready products supported by receptive tour operators through key accounts
  • Positive media coverage for Alberta from targeted media outlets
  • Growth and increased engagement in social media communities