Travel Alberta

Experience Development

New and refreshed tourism experiences present travellers with compelling invitations to choose Alberta.

Travel Alberta's experience development team works with Alberta tourism partners across the province who are interested in becoming export-ready and selling their experiences to international travellers.

In addition to working with industry to create new experiences, the team also supports the enhancement of existing experiences to grow visitation and align with Travel Alberta's strategic goal to grow tourism revenue in the province.

We can support the growth of your business by guiding you through the export-ready process. Then, once an experience is ready for export, the experience development team can help to create flat sheets for your business and connect you with receptive tour operators (RTOs) who sell experiences worldwide through their travel trade channels. The team also works with Travel Alberta's in-market representatives who are trained on selling the experience. This ensures promotion of the new export-ready experience through all channels.

If you are interested in growing your business to become export-ready, or are looking to enhance the experiences you currently offer, connect with Travel Alberta's experience development team by email at