Travel Alberta

Target Markets

Traveller-expenditure and person-visits

Travel Alberta's marketing strategy delivers on the key objectives outlined in Travel Alberta's 2016-2018 Business Plan. The following results outline traveller-expenditures and person-visits as reported by Statistics Canada for 2015.

Expenditures and Person Visits by Market

To achieve Alberta’s tourism 2022 strategy, Travel Alberta will focus our global marketing resources on markets which represent the greatest potential for tourism growth.

Travel Alberta takes a year-round approach to marketing in all of our target markets. This direction will ensure we're on the right path for regional, national and international market success while fostering global alignment and collaboration. Presenting dynamic, relevant and timely content year-round captures travellers with information they need, at the time they need it.

An "always on" marketing strategy keeps us connected to today's travellers who don't stop dreaming about and researching vacations. The evolution of our marketing strategy ensures continuity of Alberta's message to actively engage with travellers throughout all seasons and increase exposure during need periods within the province.

Our marketing will build upon a strong brand foundation at home and around the world, ultimately moving travellers through the path to purchase, resulting in more visits to Alberta.