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| Travel Alberta

Julijana Capone, Senior Publicist, Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, knows how to attract visitors to a new experience. During #GoMedia2018, held in Calgary from October 1-3, Julijana and her team hosted international influencers, travel journalists and media outlets and showed them what Calgary has to offer.

Julijana was kind enough to chat to us and tell us why these media tours are such an important part of travel promotion.

Travel Alberta (TA): How would you define the Alberta destination brand?

Julijana Capone (JC): Throw all of your old perceptions of Calgary out the window. Calgary is redefining itself as a cultural hub for music, design, and technology.

TA: What is unique about Calgary that you want travellers to know?

JC: You’re going to get a glimpse into a side of Calgary that maybe you hadn’t really considered before. Calgary’s music scene is thriving 365 days a year. It’s happening at festivals, in bars, cafes, galleries, and churches throughout the city, and hubs like Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, and the King Eddy. If you’re a music lover, there is something here for you. Be it a classical performance in an architecturally stunning venue or a soul-filling blues jam in a dark, intimate space.

You’re going to see where Canada’s music story is being preserved, learn how the National Music Centre is contributing to the presentation and creation of new, exciting music, and zone in on one hub—among many—where Calgary’s music scene comes to life with a trip down the Music Mile.

TA: What is your most effective marketing approach to tell people about the experiences Calgary offers?

JC: Captivating videos and photos. Music is a multi-sensory experience—it’s not just about what you’re listening to, but also the history behind the music, the space you’re in and the people around you. Strong visuals help us convey the experience of Studio Bell, what’s happening inside the building, and the energy of the music scene.

TA: What advice do you have for new and emerging destinations and experiences?

JC: Explain how your experience is part of the bigger picture. Ask yourself, ‘How does your experience play into a larger narrative of the destination, and the rest of the world, right now?’ For example, Studio Bell is woven into the changing dynamics of the city. Its relevance to Calgary’s own history and the future of music in Canada allows everyone to feel like they’re a part of the story.

TA: How does an event like GoMedia benefit you?

JC: I have done many familiarization tours over the years, and a comment that I’ve heard time and time again is, “There’s something happening in Calgary right now. I can feel it.” The shifting perceptions of the city as an emerging destination for music and culture is palpable. Bringing GoMedia to Calgary, and being able to show rather than just tell, really helps to bring that message home.The National Music Centre (NMC) is a national catalyst for discovery, innovation and renewal through music. In their new home at Studio Bell, they preserve and celebrate Canada’s music story and inspire a new generation of music lovers through programming that includes on-site and outreach education programs, performances, artist incubation and exhibitions.

FAM trips and shows like GoMedia are key to creating awareness and growing visitation.

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