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Introducing the Creator Community for amazing content

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Travel Alberta’s new Creator Community encourages Alberta-based photographers, videographers and writers to connect and share Alberta travel experiences with their social-media followers. 

The community is designed to offer encouragement, education and inspiration to Alberta creators who tell great stories about the province. Through meet-ups, educational summits, incentives and travel opportunities throughout Alberta, the program’s goal is to enable Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers and other creators to improve their craft and inspire their thousands of followers and fans. 

To kick off the program, the first-ever Creator Community Summit was held in Kananaskis in March. A group of photographers, videographers and bloggers from all over the province gathered to create content and learn more about the elements of compelling content from Travel Alberta’s content gurus. For example, check out this video by First Name Lily, a member of the community with a vibrant YouTube channel.

“When we worked with GoPro on their Creator Community Summit last year, we realized there was an opportunity and need to develop and grow our network of Alberta-based creators. The amazing content on their social channels supports Travel Alberta’s efforts to promote the province on a global scale,” said Kristyn Snell, Global Media Specialist at Travel Alberta.

In addition to the collaborative opportunities available in the community, members are also able to pitch their photography/videography collaboration projects to Travel Alberta. If the project aligns with Travel Alberta’s strategy, support may be offered. 

“The program aims to give back to our community of creators that are out there making content in the province daily and sharing it with their following. It closes the gap between the content they are creating and content we are looking to acquire to promote visitor experiences to our audiences,” said Snell.

The next Creator Community Summit will be hosted in Drumheller in May 2019 to showcase the Royal Tyrrell Museum expansion and highlight the new Badlands Trail and River system—where there will be education for creators, excursions and of course reams of beautiful photos and videos created!   
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