Moraine Lake

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If you’ve ever wondered why businesses and organizations, including Travel Alberta, work with social media influencers, here’s a great example of how the approach can help you reach a bigger audience!

Every year, travellers from far and wide visit Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. In awe of the beauty of Moraine Lake, Toronto-based YouTuber Peter McKinnon made it his mission to get the ‘bucket shot’, and boy did he deliver!

Last fall, Travel Alberta’s Global Consumer Marketing team worked with McKinnon to capture this bucket shot--Moraine Lake, unfrozen and surrounded with newly fallen snow and snow-covered mountains, reflected in the water. Not such an easy task, as this only happens a few days a year.  

Well he did it, and documented his dream coming to life in this video which has over 1.4 million views and drew the attention of the Royal Canadian Mint, which has produced a two ounce pure silver coin with one of McKinnon’s images of Moraine Lake. This is the first Canadian landscape in a two-coin Peter McKinnon Photo Series collectors’ set. 

With millions of viewers and followers on social media, McKinnon’s photos of Moraine Lake are sure to reach those far and wide.

If your business is interested in working with influencers, check out Travel Alberta’s new ‘How to Work with Influencersguide for all the details on working with influencers to elevate your tourism products and services. 

Visit the Royal Canadian Mint website for more information.