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Using Pinterest to reach your audience

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Courtney Manson, Global Social Media Specialist at Travel Alberta approaches her role by staying on top of new and emerging social media trends.

Courtney and other members of Travel Alberta’s Global Consumer Marketing team recognized a missed opportunity on their Pinterest page and decided to embark on a ‘refresh’ mission. The results are nothing short of amazing! 

The journey began in September 2018 with team members cleaning up the Pinterest boards, deleting irrelevant pins and uploading new articles and photos. 

Pinterest has over 250 million users worldwide, 85 per cent of whom use Pinterest to plan “life moments” such as travelling. 

“We know through research that people are using Pinterest to plan their travels, making it a key platform for Travel Alberta to have a presence on,” said Manson.

Pinterest also has a 33 per cent higher click through rate (CTR) than Facebook (meaning more clicks to Travel Alberta’s website) and has a natural presence of inspirational and aspirational content, making it a great fit for travel planning! 

At the beginning of this journey, Travel Alberta’s Pinterest page had around 12,000 monthly viewers, 230 daily impressions and two daily saves. 

Seven months into the journey, the results are incredible! The Travel Alberta page averages 1.6 million monthly viewers, 160,000 daily impressions and 65 daily saves! To drive further traffic to Travel Alberta’s, social media advertising was also used. 

Manson advises trusting the journey and monitoring your page daily to see how it’s performing.  

“Delete irrelevant pins, update your board to reflect your other promotional content and stay consistent!” said Courtney Manson. “Once your boards have been cleaned up and you’re happy with how your page looks, be sure to do daily check-ins, just as you would any other social media channel, to engage with followers and upload new content. This will ensure that Pinterest doesn’t demote your page for inactivity, and you stay relevant.”  
Pro tip: Always upload vertical images as Pinterest favours this photo format, and don’t be afraid to overlay text on your images – even if this isn’t “brand standard.” We have tested photos with and without text overlay, and with text performs better every time. Just as you would when uploading content to Facebook vs. Instagram, you need to tailor your content to the platform! Courtney Manson
After seeing great results after only a few months, Pinterest now features in Travel Alberta’s Global Consumer Marketing and organic social media strategies for 2019/20.