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GoMedia connects highly-vetted international media with Canadian tourism organizations to drive stories that inspire travel. Produced by Destination Canada, in partnership with a different Canadian host city each year, GoMedia Canada consists of 15-minute speed dating-style meetings, networking events, and touring media delegates to hotspots across the country and host region.  

But according to Travel Alberta Global Media Specialists, Rose Bolton and Karen Keller, GoMedia is so much more. 

“It’s really about building relationships with the media and helping them understand how unique Alberta is on the world stage,” says Karen. 

Karen and Rose, along with several Alberta tourism industry partners, attended GoMedia in Ottawa this summer and we sat down with them to get the inside scoop on this popular event that has continued to grow and evolve since 2004. 

Why is it important for Travel Alberta to attend GoMedia each year? 

KK: In addition to the fact that this is a national event that all provinces attend, it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with media and continue to tell the Alberta narrative. There’s a professional development component at the event as well, which is so important in ensuring industry has a well-equipped toolbox to thrive in a continuously evolving sector. 

RB: While Destination Canada leads this event, we ensure our industry partners are fully supported for GoMedia and that they are well represented at the event. It’s also a great opportunity for us to continue building relationships with international media. We know that relationships are key to increasing our media presence all over the globe.  

What are the new trends in tourism media? 

Online! Digital is paramount and it’s so important that industry stays on top of it and keeps up with this growing segment of the media.  

KK: We’re seeing that journalists are no longer just covering one specialty such as culinary, rather, they’re gathering content for multiple stories and for multiple channels. Freelancers are making a huge impact and their audiences are rapidly growing!  

What stories are trending? 

KK: Journalists are looking for those “off the beaten track”, forging your own way stories and the human angle. It’s less about mass consumption and more…esoteric.  For example, while our beautiful Rocky Mountains continue to get amazing media exposure on a regular basis, journalists are looking for more obscure stories about Alberta.  

They want to hear about those local, authentic experiences–those tiny Alberta community secrets that nobody knows about…yet. They’re also interested in local food, creators, storytellers and educational opportunities such as Dark Skies and Ice Bubbles. Wildlife is still very important but it’s more about those quiet experiences with wildlife such as those you might find in Elk Island National Park. Indigenous tourism is an area that is rapidly growing as well. 

So industry partners really need to keep this in mind when talking to media? 

Absolutely. We’re lucky in Alberta because we have such a diverse tourism landscape with a growing industry that offers so many of these experiences that the media is looking for.  

KK: GoMedia gives our industry partners a chance to get in front of the media and pitch their business and experiences when they normally wouldn’t have that opportunity.  

Travel Alberta looks forward to GoMedia 2020, which takes place in Victoria, B.C.  In the meantime, if you have new market-ready experiences or news you would like to share, send your press releases to so that we can share your stories!