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Happy Small Business Week Team Alberta!

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celebrating tourism small businesses and entrepreneurs

Alberta’s tourism industry has over 22,000 reasons to celebrate Small Business Week in Canada, October 20-26. That’s the number of tourism-related small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs in Alberta in 2018—up 4 per cent year over year—and represents almost 99 per cent of all tourism-related businesses in the province.

Tourism entrepreneurs and small businesses are clearly a big part of the industry’s success, helping generate a record $8.9 billion in visitor expenditures to Alberta’s economy in 2017.

“Tourism entrepreneurs, many of whom are small business owners, are the heart of our industry. They started with ideas and dreams to give people near and far a reason to visit. The experiences they’ve created make travellers want to spend time in Alberta communities and explore what they have to offer. That’s why developing new tourism experiences is critical to the continued, sustainable growth of Alberta’s visitor economy.” Royce Chwin, CEO, Travel Alberta CEO

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