Tourism Calgary’s #LoveYYC From Home campaign spreads the love for local

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Calgarians are encouraged to fill their social-media feeds with #LoveYYC to support local businesses and boost community spirit during these uncertain times.

“As proud Calgarians, we know that community spirit is what sets us apart and reinforces our position as ultimate hosts here in Alberta,” says Jeff Hessel, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Tourism Calgary. “We wanted to foster that community pride and give our partners and residents a platform to help tell that story.”

Along with a robust list of ways Calgarians can support local from the comfort of their homes, Tourism Calgary is sharing feel good stories to inspire the community with acts of kindness.

“We also want to do our part raising civic pride at a time when people are having tough times,” Hessel explains. “We’re seeing that people want to see good news. That they want to be inspired and we hope that #LoveYYC From Home inspires people.”

From digital activities to online delivery, Tourism Calgary will continue to update and amplify stories of ingenuity and inspiration from industry partners, attractions, arts and culture organizations as well as community groups.

“First and foremost, we just hope it helps our partners in this tough time in any way possible. Any way we can do that through revenue or exposure, that’s first and foremost why we started this,” Hessel adds. “We hope to see lots of new content and stories and we hope our partners get creative and we can feature lots of stories and videos and posts that remind Calgarians and our key markets what a great destination Alberta and Calgary is.”

Hashtag #LoveYYC and tag @TourismCalgary to share your love for Calgary in your next social post.

To submit a story to Tourism Calgary, industry partners can email or submit a #LoveYYC From Home form. Visit for more information.