Yamnuska Mountain Adventures’ Guide Chats series engages adventurers far and wide

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At a time when connection to community is sorely needed, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures has found a way to leverage their  guides’ passion for their craft  and engage a community of adventurerscurrently bound to their couches by the COVID-19 pandemic. In their Guide Chats series on Facebook Live, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures provides at-home access to one of the most memorableparts of  a guided tour: story time with the guides. Yamnuska guides dive into interesting topics like thrilling bear encounters, how to plan for a ski touring adventure and ice climbing 101.

“I’m most passionately connected to people that come to the mountains, I love creating a sense of community at a time when community is most needed.” Dave Stark, Director of Operations at Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

Each episode of Guide Chats is approximately 40 minutes long and incorporates a live Q&A with the audience. The series has garnered significant views and engagement on Facebook from potential guests, past guests and even members of the mountaineering community. The initiative is doubly important for Yamnuska Mountain Adventures as it has given their guides a sense of connection to both their team and their community at a time when they are not physically able to guide tours and share their passion for the outdoors.

“It’s a different medium of connecting with guests for the guides,” says Stark. “They are learning a new way to communicate with clients, which has been a good challenge. They’ve been easing into it and learning new skills, which I’m sure will translate well when we’re able to guide tours in person again soon.”

The series is clearly resonating with its audience, as the feedback that Yamnuska Mountain Adventures has received from their community has been overwhelmingly positive. So much so, that it is likely that Guide Chats will endure as part of their ongoing outreach strategies even after social distancing guidelines have been lifted.

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