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Special Edition TIAC Talk – Election 2015

What the Results Mean for Tourism

The results are in, and Canadians have elected a Liberal majority government. This will represent a massive and unprecedented change in government, with over 200 new Members of Parliament being welcomed to Ottawa in the coming weeks. We would like to thank all members and stakeholders for their efforts throughout the election period to put tourism on the agenda.

The election may be over but the need to push the tourism agenda has just begun. We encourage everyone to reach out to and congratulate their newly elected (or re-elected!)  Member of Parliament. This outreach is vital to keep industry priorities and the importance of tourism businesses top of mind when MPs start their new mandate.

Please find the official results for your riding, and for the rest of Canada, here through the Elections Canada page. 

Looking Ahead

TIAC sends our most sincere congratulations to the Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party on a resounding victory, and we look forward to working with his new government to address the priority issues facing our important industry. 

During the election, the Liberal party responded to TIAC's policy questionnaire, here is a recap of commitments from the new government regarding tourism:

  • Removing the visa requirement from Mexican travellers, and improving border infrastructure to improve the movement of visitors across our borders
  • Better funding and support for Parks Canada and the communities that surround and support National parks
  • Honor the funding commitment to Connecting America, and work with Destination Canada and tourism stakeholders "to explore innovative strategies" to enhance Canada's marketing efforts

Working on labour issues through a youth focus, and creating a new plan for the TFWP

TIAC's advocacy priorities moving forward will focus on:

  • A new sustainable funding model for Destination Canada
  • Addressing the critical labour shortage in tourism communities across Canada
  • Reducing the high burden of taxes, fees and levies on air transportation to and within Canada
  • Committing to the Federal Tourism Strategy
  • Advocating for the continued appointment for a Minister of Tourism to ensure the industry's needs are being
    fully addressed 

We would like to thank tourism champions from the last government, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Ministers of State for Tourism Maxime Bernier, Rob Moore, Diane Ablonczy and Gerry Ritz. 

We would also like to thank Blake Richards, MP for Wildrose for his great work as chair of the Parliamentary Tourism Caucus. 

Your support has been greatly appreciated.

Tourism Industry Association of Canada