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Dear Tourism Partners - You are resilient. You are inspiring. We understand that many of our partners and their families and friends have been affected by the recent flooding. We sincerely appreciate the commitment and effort by all Albertans, first responders, municipal and provincial workers, health-care professionals and volunteers who have supported so many people in southern Alberta.

Travel Alberta shares the same goals as many of you - to get our province up and running for a busy travel season and get the message out that Alberta is open for business. We are mindful that there are many tourism operators who have not been affected by this situation, and Travel Alberta will continue to offer compelling invitations for the world to visit our province.  

Tourism is big business in Alberta.  The industry employs close to 139,000 Albertans and supports more than 15,000 businesses across the province. It is critical that we work together through recovery.

Travel Alberta is here to help and we are committed to standing together as Team Alberta. Over the course of flood recovery our actions will include:  
  • Working closely with Tourism, Parks and Recreation on a joint Tourism Recovery Management Plan. The purpose is to develop a consistent, coordinated and integrated approach to response and recovery activities.

  • Connecting with our industry partners and the Government of Alberta to manage any misconceptions that flooding in southern Alberta has dramatically affected the visitor experience in Alberta.

  • Connecting with our customers through digital marketing channels like social media and to provide updates and alternative options for visitors.

  • Augmenting existing summer marketing campaigns in regional and long-haul markets to create an emotional and empathetic connection with our target travellers. 

  • Maintaining cooperative marketing funding, particularly for regions most affected by the flood, to help extend tourism marketing activities. 

Since the flood situation began, we have been active on all our social media channels, answering questions, engaging with travellers, and pointing them in the right direction for information related to roadways, visitor centres, and destinations affected. Tourism, Parks and Recreation has also provided key information through the provincial and community visitor information centres and the contact centre. 

Within two days of returning to operations after our own community was evacuated, our team launched an online travel resource at and have been busy providing regular flood recovery updates on destinations and attractions in close proximity to flooded areas.

We are using our industry website news page at to post flood related updates for our tourism partners. Please continue to share your updates through your ATIS account or email with your news postings. It is very important to keep tourism operators and front line workers all over Alberta updated with accurate information on safety and tourism product availability in southern Alberta.

Moving forward, our summer marketing campaign in Canada will be adjusted and will capitalize on our current brand platform to form an emotional connection to the spirit and resilience of Albertans while sending a clear message that most of Alberta’s destinations and attractions are open for business. We have posted the new 60-second commercial on our YouTube channel.  

Alberta brand messaging to travellers in the United States will continue through online and offline channels promoting all parts of Alberta. We are also keeping our international and North American tour operators, travel trade and in market representatives up to date on the current status of travel potential in the province.  

Recovery will take time for families, businesses and areas affected by flooding. The strength and spirit of Albertans helping their neighbours is a reminder of what makes this province magnificent and why we call it home.  We are resilient and together we will rebuild an even stronger province. 

(remember to breathe)

Bruce Okabe
Chief Executive Officer
Travel Alberta

Travel Alberta