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Canadian Badlands Annual Tourism Development Conference: Champions of Tourism

Canadian Badlands Tourism has announced its 6th Annual Tourism Development Conference and 2016 Annual General Meeting, taking place April 19-21, 2016 in Drumheller.

The theme for this year's event is "Champions of Tourism." The conference will continue to provide the opportunity for Canadian Badlands Tourism municipal government shareholder representatives and tourism operators throughout Western Canada to meet directly and collaborate. This year's keynote speakers include Dave Wishewan, Julie Van Rosendaal, and Loren Christie.

This conference will take steps to foster:

  • The development of a strong Canadian Badlands identity and branding shared by municipal leaders and tourism operators, making the region unique in the eyes of both residents and visitors alike.
  • The development of exciting new tourism products or the expansion of current offerings based on innovative ideas from the conference.
  • Enhanced market-readiness among Canadian Badlands, Albertan, and Western Canadian tourism operators.
  • Increased environmental and socio-cultural sustainability leading to economic sustainability and a better quality of life through sustainable tourism and strategic planning.
  • A cross-fertilization of ideas starting during the conference, with the potential for increased cross-promotion of businesses and potential packaging and partnerships.

For a full agenda and program listing, please click here to download the Conference Guide. More information will be added over the next few weeks as details are confirmed.

Find out more details on the conference web page, including how to register and book accommodation.

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