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The New ATIS Officially Launches on April 4, 2016

Get ready industry partners, because Travel Alberta's enhanced ATIS (Alberta Tourism Information Service) 2.0 will launch on April 4, and that's great news for you. 

ATIS 2.0 is a shared online platform aimed at helping your tourism business reach, engage and drive revenues from today's digitally connected travellers. The first of its kind in North America, this free marketing tool is available to all Alberta tourism providers and makes it easy to promote and manage a robust online presence through one easy-to-use platform.

How does it work?

Enter your content – in the form of business listings, events, offers and articles – into ATIS 2.0. Travel Alberta then enhances and standardizes the content before distributing across multiple web channels, including and a growing network of travel publishers with the influence and reach to impact travel purchase decisions.

ATIS 2.0 Features

  • Easy to use – ATIS 2.0 has been developed with the non-technical user in mind making it easier than ever to manage an online presence.
  • More content types – more content options allow you to tell more of your story. Photos, articles, listings, offers, mapping and more help to nurture consumer interest and convert more sales.
  • Real time reports – ATIS reports provide insight on how travellers interact with your content so you can reach more of the right customers.
  • Translation services – professional translation services promote your export ready travel experiences to international travellers.
  • Expand your reach – ATIS content is distributed to third-party travel content publishers that influence consumer travel decisions and increase your reach.

Get Started

In order to make way for the ATIS 2.0, we're shutting down the current ATIS on March 29 at 8 a.m. until the new ATIS launches on April 4.

Visit on April 4 to log in or create a new account. If you had a previous account with ATIS, your account information may have been moved over. Just enter your email address and choose Forgot Password. A reset link will be emailed to you.

Sign up for the Build your Online Presence with ATIS 2.0 webinar happening on April 7 for an overview of all the new features offered in ATIS, as well as step-by-step instruction on how to navigate through the new platform. Click here to learn more about ATIS 2.0 and how to get started.

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