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Canada's travel and tourism industry keeps pushing for growth agenda in 2015 budget

The 2013 Speech from the Throne stated "Canada's spectacular beauty attracts visitors from across the globe to every region of our country. These visitors create jobs and sustain local economies. Our Government will continue to work with industry partners to promote Canada as a top destination for tourism."

The Canadian tourism industry presented a growth agenda to increase visitation, drive export revenue and create jobs, particularly for young Canadians. Last year, international tourism was up 5% globally, while Canada's share only increased by 1.75%. This agenda featured policy recommendations to rip down barriers to success that included; expedited visitor visa processes, reduction of the cost of aviation travel to and within Canada, and a modest federal co-investment in an innovative marketing partnership to restore visitor volumes from the US unseen since 2001.

We certainly welcome the announced investments in Parks Canada infrastructure, these iconic attractions drive visitation across Canada and are in desperate need of repair and service. The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) will continue to work with the government on key levers that will increase Canada's competitiveness, including our "Connecting America" co-investment strategy to re-launch the Canada brand in the US leisure market.

The conditions in the US are ideal for re-engagement and TIAC will redouble its efforts to work with the Department of International Trade to advance the tremendous growth opportunities available through the enhancement of international travel and tourism to Canada.

Travel is not only a $17B Canadian export sector, but also drives other trade and investment. According to a recent study by Deloitte a 1% increase in arrivals to Canada generates $817M in Canadian export revenue. Canada's trade performance, job creation and wealth generation will be increased through the removal of travel barriers and.  Increased partnership between government and the travel industry.

This is a typical budget before the pre-election budget. We will continue to mount our pressure to make progress under the Federal Tourism Strategy.

About TIAC - Founded in 1930, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada is the only national organization representing the full cross-section of Canada's $84.8 billion tourism industry. TIAC's members include air and passenger rail services, airport authorities, local and provincial destination authorities, hotels, attractions and tour operators. TIAC is responsible for representing tourism interests at the national level, and its advocacy work involves promoting and supporting policies, programs and activities that will benefit the sector's growth and development.

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